Dear God,

How are you today, my Lord? My heart wonders whether there is a smile on your face or a frown? Are you grimacing or are you pleased? I thank you so much for your glory, and your wonder. I thank you so much for your peace that passes all understanding. You are wonderful, my Lord. You are gracious. So beautiful, your glory outshines the heavens.

Have mercy, sweet Father, upon your children:

  • Show grace to those of us who have gone astray.
  • Teach us to love each other—to love you above all.
  • Instruct us in your way, and hold us to your statutes.
  • Let not your wrath burn long, but bring forth deliverance for your people.
  • Forgive us our sins. Help us to forgive one another.

Abba, I submit this blog to you and your purpose. Let me post only what is within your will and not contradictory to your word. Use this blog, your tool, to send forth peace to your people, and hope to those who are dismayed. This blog, Lord, is my lips to your people. Speak through me, Great Master, and let not your word return void.

In Jesus name,


There is power in number, beloved reader.
If so willing, please take a moment to say a quick prayer of agreement.