Dear Abba,

Are you smiling today? I always want to know. I want to know what your smile looks like, Beloved. Do your cheeks dimple when you grin? Are your teeth white as snow? What thoughts bring joy to your mind? Tell. Speak. Whisper the answer in my ear. I want to know. I want to know what sparks that smile, that I may bring it to pass every morning, every evening, every day.

Be with your people, sweet Abba. Protect my brothers and sisters who are serving overseas. End this war, my God, my Alpha and Omega. End this war against terrorism, and let the side that glorifies your name prevail. Comfort those who have lost loved ones in this battle. Comfort those who cry themselves asleep because a husband, sister, brother, mother…is not coming home. Heal those wounded by the enemy. Sooth the minds tormented by blood-stained hands.

Help us, God, help us free our fellow man from the foolishness of tyranny.

In Jesus name I pray,


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