The howl in the wind is the cry of My children. Come. Come. Come and find Me in the quiet. Do you not hear My voice? I hear your every prayer. Do you not hear My words? I speak them–know that they are there. I am not silent, beloved children, the breathings of My heart are in response to your keening.

Turn away? How can I? Forsake? It isn’t true. Do you know that I desire your affection? Is that so different from you desiring My attention? Day and night, night and day, your prayers seek my face. Brush aside? No. I embrace them. Scorn their moans? No. I weep for them.

Seek me, and you will find Me. If you don’t find Me, you have not sought Me with all of your heart. I am here. I am waiting. I’m not leaving, but the days of the age are short. I am coming, with salvation in one hand, and judgment in the other. Do not wait for me to find you. For one day we will meet face-to-face, but it is better that you seek me first.