Dear Abba,

How are you, Glorious Father? I just want to worship your name today, my God, my Savior. You mean so much to me. You are my beginning and my end. You are the air I breath. Without you, my life-source would be cut off; I would cease to laugh, cease to sing, cease to cry, cease to feel. Oh God, I would cease to live. Thank you, thank you, sweet Father, that your grace is forever. Thank your for redeeming me from a punishment too heavy for me to bear. Thank you for the new life you have breathed into my spirit.

Father, I ask for restoration among the families of the world.

  • Bring the daughters back to their mothers, and the sons to their fathers.
  • Heal the shattered marriages and the hurting relationships.
  • Restore the broken homes to peace and godliness.
  • Deliver the children from the snares of the world; return them to the instruction of their mother‘s bosom.

Move your Spirit of healing through the land, my God. For I fear for this generation, and the generation to come.

In Jesus name I pray,


(There is power in numbers. If you are in agreement with this prayer, would you kindly say a word of agreement? And if you have a prayer request, feel free to post it in the comments section or email me: jmcinnis07[at] And I will pray for you.)