Book Review: Beyond This Moment

Can God redeem two wrongs for a right?


This is the beautiful story of doctor of romantic languages, Molly Whitcomb, who arrives in Timber Ridge, Colorado ready to begin a new life as the teacher of the new schoolhouse. However, a last minute decision to hide her pregnancy and claim widowhood slowly begins to creep up and unravel all the progress she makes befriending the townsfolk. And when a fragile love interest begins to bloom between her and the handsome, honor-bound Sheriff James McPherson, Molly must face the inevitable consequences of her actions and somehow weather the judgmental tongues of a town who has forgotten the depth of God’s grace.

To my pleasure, the characters become alive on the page and I quickly grow to care for each one of their public (and private) trials. I often found myself shifting through an emotional roller-coaster; rejoicing in a wakening love one moment and angry at the characters the next.

I did enjoy reading Tamera Alexander’s delightful prose. However, I must admit that there were times I thought the author fell a little too in love with her writing and I ended up leaving the story to ponder her word-choice.

And while I applauded Molly and how she handled her dilemma, I often felt that James was just a little too good-natured. However, through the second half of the book, Author Alexander slowly began peeling away his layers; revealing a good but troubled soul. Therefore, his all-too-perfect nature began to appear more redeemable in my eyes. To the point, admittedly, toward the end when I deeply wanted to throttle him.

My chief complaint is that the plot is often slow to move along. There is much introspection and a few scenes that seemed to drag. However, I found a short break was all the cure I needed to dive back into the story.

I must also say that book’s conclusion broke my heart, but Alexander kindly stitched it back together again.

I give Beyond this Moment 4 out of 5 stars.