Book Review – Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Heaven is the type of book that changes people’s entire outlook on life. It takes Hollywood’s view of a quiet paradise where we sit around on fluffy, white clouds and play harps all day and turns it on its head. Alcorn tackles such questions as:

·    Is Heaven a physical place?
·    Is the present Heaven our eternal home?
·    Why is resurrection important?
·    Will we actually rule with Christ?
·    What about space and time?
·    Will we see our pets there?
·    Who will we meet and what will society be like?

What strikes me as interesting is not only does the author give sound biblical answers, but he does so in the spirit of humility. One of the first things he says is not to take him at his word. That we should take his quoted scriptures to their source and decide for ourselves whether or not his answers are biblical. If we think he may be putting out inaccurate information, we should feel free to get in contact with him and he will take our concerns into serious consideration.

I, personally, did not find such a challenge necessary though. I went to the referenced scriptures and found his answers very biblically sound. He answered a few questions I had; such as do we immediately go to heaven upon death or enter a sort of sleeping state? And the verses he referenced to support his thinking put my mind at peace with his answer. I also applaud Alcorn for his ability to consider just about any question one could possibly have about heaven.

Admittedly, there were one or two points where I still am not sure if I agree. Not that I thought he was wrong, I just couldn’t decide if he was right. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. These were points he admits to be theorizing on because the bible doesn’t provide clear answers. However, I did think some questions were beginning to sound repetitive, but the author was just making sure every aspect of the concern/question was covered, leaving no confusion in the wake of his answers.

I give Heaven 5 out of 5 stars. Very well done.