Dear Abba,

How wonderful is your name! Your proud and great glory outshines the heavens. Your mighty voice brings mountains to their knees and tames vast oceans. You are magnificent, my God, wonderful and mighty. I love you so much. May honor and glory be yours. May you receive all you are due for you are worthy. You are worthy! You are worthy! Oh mighty God, you are worthy!

Oh God, how your heart grieves for you children around the world who are facing persecution. God, I ask for a mighty outpouring of deliverance upon the people being imprisoned, abused, and killed for your name. I ask you send aide wherever they are, and in whatever country that they dwell. Give them peace in the midst of the circumstances. Give them hope for a brighter day. God, I ask that you dispatch legions of angels to fly to their aid and protect them from the vicious attacks of the enemy.

In Jesus name I pray,

(If so willing, please say a quick word of agreement to this prayer.)