Thus says the Lord;

You say,

The people are hungry. Send them away. The people annoy me. Send them away. The people require too much. Send them away. The people are sinful. Send them away. The people are wailing. Send them away.

But I say,

No, I will not send them away. I have compassion on them. You feed them. Clothe them. Teach them. Lead them. Comfort them.

You say,

I have too little to feed them, too little to clothe them, too little to teach them, too little to comfort them.

So I say,

What do you have for yourself?

And you say,

A few loaves. Two pairs of pants. One Bible. One Hope.

Therefore I say,

Bring the little you have. If you give of your little for those with nothing, I will bless your gift, multiply it, and you can spread it throughout the multitudes. They will walk away fed, warm, taught, and encouraged. And what remains, you will gather twelve baskets full of the small portion you gave away.


Mark 6: 33-44