Dear Abba,

You are so awesome, Lord. I am so amazed by you! Thank you, God, for all the many facets of your glory. Thank you for your mercy and kindness, for you everlasting compassion. You are so wonderful, so great and marvelous! What can compare to you? What is as mighty as you? No one, Lord! Though I search far and wide, I find no one who can compare to your majesty. And that, my Beloved, is wonderful.

God, I ask that you open our eyes to the hopelessness walking the streets. Give us a heart of compassion for the homeless, Lord, for the hungry. Give us a spirit of tenderness for the prostitutes and druggies, who’s world of hopeless sorrow is so infested with pain. Give us the words with which to comfort them. Give us the hands with which to feed them. Give us the means by which to free them from the bonds of Satan’s hand. Widen or world, oh God, to what lies beyond our inner circle.

In Jesus name I pray,


(If so willing, please say a quick prayer of agreement. For there is power in number.)