Light glistening off pearlescent waters,
Sun and clouds pictures from a dream,
Seagulls diving to delight little children,
Angel Innocence, guarding her beloved,
Inspiring their joy, defending their peace.

Darkness roles in from the horizon,
The angel watches warily, almost fearfully,
Her children below still laugh and play,
Unaware of the danger to their guardian,
Closer and closer, thunder and lightning.

The storm moves over their land of pure,
Halting their play, disrupting their reverie,
Raining in Troubles, Striking foul Cruelties,
Fearful, scared, the little ones run, scattered,
Forsaking Innocence, their closest ally.

The angel fights on, aware of their betrayal,
Tense darkness bullies her cherished existence,
Lightning strikes, she falls, crumpled, near broken,
Her beloved watch, sorrowed, as she is taken,
The Trouble has come to wash her away.

Halt; hear cometh Compassion’s parents,
Crying out, shouting, with voices loud and clear,
Angel Innocence stays; is their angry protest,
Her time has not yet come, take her not away,
Be gone from us foul Storm of Heartbreak!

Flinching, recoiling, the darkness shies away,
Raining Trouble lightens, exhausted of supply,
Striking Cruelty hesitates, strength so pathetic,
Exult!  Shoulders lifted from Heartbreak’s fury,
Innocence arises, beating back what hasn’t fled.

At last, the sun is restored to full, glorious majesty,
The angel’s beloved return to kiss and embrace,
Compassion’s parents, then stiff, relax once more,
Asking only, will Innocence stay and again defend?
She answers, I protect as long as I am protected.