When the night descends on the city,
When the darkness consumes your world,
I will come with rest befitting,
I will come with peace interceding,
On your behalf,
To bring you through,
This great travail,
Of Truth and Holiness.

When life is heartless,
When the world is cruel,
I will come to bring you victory,
I will come to show you prosperity,
And delight your soul,
With all My joys,
And guide your life,
Toward Truth and Holiness.

When you enter the realm of discouragement,
When you walk in the ways of disappointment,
I will come to lift your spirit,
I will come to soothe and comfort,
Those little wounds,
So big, so small,
That lead you away,
From Truth and Holiness.

So square your shoulders,
My child, My friend.

Lift your head,
My sweet Beloved.

This is but a journey,
This is but a test,
To cultivate in you,
A spirit of Truth and Holiness.

Because in that spirit is life everlasting.
In that spirit in joy undemanding.
In that spirit is love forevermore.