“Therefore with joy you will draw water
From the wells of salvation.” – Isaiah 12:3

There are many “wells” of salvation.

Webster defines a well as an excavation in the ground as a source of water, oil, gas; a spring; any source of origin or supply; a fountain.

I would like to focus on perhaps one of the deepest, most profound, and possible the most neglected wells that we are given access to by the blood of Jesus; the Holy Spirit.

My apostle did a recent study on the 6 emblems of the Holy Spirit and what they represent. This is what he shared:

  • Dove – purity, peace, humility
  • Water – life, cleansing
  • Oil – light, healing, anointing
  • Seal – ownership, finished transaction, security, value, authority, identification
  • Wind – unseen power, unpredictable manifestation
  • Fire – presence, approval, protection, purifying agent, judgment

What. Blew. My. Mind. About this is that if all those things are represented in the emblems, then all those things must be provided through the Holy Spirit. And if the Holy Spirit is a well of salvation, then if I need a little more peace, I just have to draw on the Holy Spirit. If I need some healing, I draw on the Holy Spirit. If I need protection, I draw on the Holy Spirit. Get the picture?