Dear Abba,

I love you so much! God, I just want to  draw closer to you, fall deeper into your love. What is like your love? What can compare? You are more delicate than a sweet rose, freshly dipped in morning dew. You are more marvelous than a diamond of many karats, shifting with multiple hues. You are wonderful, my God. I am deeply affectionate for you. I am in deep need of you. I breath in your fragrance like I breath fresh mountain air; frosty with winter’s snow. You are refreshing; healing to my soul. And the most beautiful part of your glory is that no matter how much I love you, you will always love me more. And therefore, the well of my love continues to deepen, with no limit to its potential depth.

Father, I just ask for your blessings upon our families. Some families are whole and sustained by your Spirit. Some are torn with invisible wounds, hidden behind white picket fences. Many are shattered, devastated. The children are lost and confused. The parents are separating, abusing, or neglecting. Heal our homes, beloved Father. Touch our mothers and our fathers. Reconcile the broken, the hurting, the sorrowful. Bring the daughters back into the arms of loving mothers. Bring wandering sons back under the shelter of their father’s counsel. Please my Lord, the families of the earth need you. Full generations need the revival of your spirit across the nations; a revival so powerful it transforms the very meaning of the word family.

In Jesus name I pray,



And if so willing, please say a quick prayer of agreement 🙂