A Multitude of Blessings by JOSHUA TIMOTHY MCDONALD

A life starts out small and needs others to survive
A precious life that feels what it is to be alive.
A beautiful blue-eyed girl, with a smile so wide
An imaginative mind, even then you couldn’t hide.
Growing into the fine woman you’ve become
Changing the lives of many, shaping the lives of some.
Coming into your life, I was still a little unsure
and unknowing of the wonder that would soon occur.
What a blessing you have been and how dear you have grown
What joy you have brought with the love that was shown.
I am so blessed that God has placed you here
To have you in my life, to have grown so dear.
Don’t rush through the days, remember what they’re for
That to earth God’s son was born, so you could know Him more.
Celebrate His birth as you also celebrate your life
and thank Him for you are an amazing mother, friend and wife.
The joy of seeing all the goodness you possess
and for all the love you allow me to express.
I love you so much, my blessed teacher and friend
My warmth and blessings the Christmas I send.



This poem BLESSED me!