I know that you said to intercede no more, but I beg you anyway. Have mercy on America. Do this, not based on our filthy righteousness but because of Your very Word. You said ask of You and we shall recieve. You said in Isaiah that you look for intercessors to withhold Your hand from passing judgement. God, please, please, I ask for more time for America to stand under Your mercy. You still have a large remnant that is hidden under the blood of Jesus. Will You strike Your own Son who intercedes for us at Your right hand? Our life is hidden in Him, Lord. Strike us and You strike Him. Have mercy.

Will You strike the innocent for the guilty? Did You not say that You will not uproot the tares before time because in doing so, You will also uproot the wheat? It isn’t time, Lord, for Your judgment to fall. You have too many prophesies still needing to be fulfilled. Will You defile Your name for the sake of Your judgment? Will You strike a blow to me and my loved ones in the Lord for the sake of those who refuse correction? Stay Your hand, Mighty God, and remember Your desire for mercy.

Give the Church more time to grow in Your ways. Remember the Blood of Jesus. There are those who will still submit to You if You only allow us more time to reach them. There are those who will worship You in holiness if You will only allow them more time to learn.

Pour out Your Spirit upon the Church. Deliver those with a desire for deliverance. Save those with a desire for salvation. Heal those with a desire for healing. As for the rest, they will recieve Your judgment one way or another, whether it be today or tomorrow. So hold back Your hand a little longer for the sake of those who will walk after Your heart, but are not doing so just yet.

And please, God, I beg You, heal America’s economy. We don’t give all the money we can to help those in need throughout the world, but we do give a lot. If the economy continues to run down hill, America will only give less and less, because they will have less and less to give. And if we don’t give, other countries surely won’t fill the gap like we do, and then who will You use to help the poor and needy? Aren’t they also heavy burdens on Your heart? So help us, Lord, that we may help them. Bless us, My God, that You may use us to bless them.

In Jesus name I pray,