Do we really understand God’s glory? We ask for it, we call upon it, we seek it, but do we have a full understanding of what it actually entails? Glory is the majesty that accompanies God’s presence. It is a weight that is only spiritually discerned as it descends upon the atmosphere. But here’s where it gets just a tad bit deeper (not too deep, this ain‘t seminary); God’s glory accompanies God’s presence and where God’s presence is, God is, and where there is God, there is all the blessings and anointing that by default accompanies God.

The fact is that most people desire the blessings of God. We want the cars, the houses, the favor, the righteousness…in that order please. Just kidding. Right? We are kidding, right??? Ahem. The sad truth is, for many people this is all we really know about God. This is all we can attribute to His glory. Oh, and occasionally we will throw in a John 3:16 for kicks and giggles.

The glory of the Lord comes in layers, like an onion. The above is only one layer of God, and it’s not even a full layer, more like a portion of a single layer – maybe a quarter of a portion of a layer. A quarter of a quarter of a portion…anyway, it is only one aspect of His glory. And it’s a pretty trivial aspect at that. God wants us to know that there is more to Him than material blessings, favor, and a bunch of rules. There is an unfathomably great deal more.

The faith walk is actually a treasure hunt and the Bible is our treasure map. The treasure? Discovering the multiple aspects of His glory! And to get an idea of just how really BIG this hunt is, I would liken it to being given the task of mapping out every ridge and terrain of every planet in the entire universe. Do that and you have just shaved off one layer of God’s onion glory! Congratulations!

Get the picture? Good thing we have all eternity to fulfill this mission…

Now, here’s why it’s so important to embark on this treasure hunt. Our view of God is limited to our perception of His glory. The perception of His glory is how we view God. The two are interchangeable and infinitely linked. (Oooh, fancy sentence…pats self on back.) Ready for the kicker? Everything we need is in God’s presence. God’s presence combines with His glory. Our conclusion of His glory, our conclusion of God, will determine just how much we will be able to draw from the well of His presence.

Let’s put it this way;

Our treasure hunt will determine what we think about God. What we think about God produces a conclusion about what God can do. Our conclusion produces an expectation of what God will do. Expectation produces anticipation. Anticipation produces praise. Praise ushers in the presence and glory of God!

Conclusion? The more of God’s onion that we peel away, the more true praise we are able to produce whether in our internal day-to-day life or an assembled atmosphere. You see, the greater our praise, the more we expect from His glory, the greater our faith becomes, and the more He is able to pour out. The healing, deliverance, peace, joy, blessing, gift, breakthrough…whatever we need, we receive an increase of those things by increasing our knowledge of the various aspects of God’s glory. Because all of those things are found within His glory. Layers of the onion. Peel ‘em back!

Hint: A great way to progress in this journey is by asking God to begin revealing more of Himself to you…

(Article inspired by Apostle Jones sermon, For His Glory)