Dear Abba,

Thank you, sweet father. You are my strength and my hope. Thank you for always standing beside me; keeping me; holding me. Thank you for being my strong tower, my shield and my buckler. Thank you for being my hiding place in the midnight hour. Thank you for being the shoulder that I cry on, the arms that I escape into, the hope that I surrender to. Thank you for being the stable foundation of my world.

Abba, I have a personal request upon my heart and you know what it is. I need you to change this situation, my Lord, or change my heart. Strengthen me for the wait, and keep my soul from distraction from the true center of my life; you. Give me the wisdom to see these circumstances through your eyes, and to know your will. Give wisdom into the hearts of the people concerned, and open their ears to the voice of your will.

Thank you, oh God. I beg your will be done, and not mine.

In Jesus name I pray,