The abundance of God. Have we ever thought about what that truly means? When we think about God’s abundance, we have to think about God Himself. How wonderful a thought that is! God! The Creator of the Universe. The Owner of all existing things. The Transformer of life and life definition. God is amazing. He is big. I mean, really, really BIG.

So why do we place limits upon Him?

Leviticus 26 speaks of rewards and blessings. How special we are to him. There’s so much He wants to give to us. God wants to move us into an unlimited lifestyle. A life where blessings are more than a word, they fall off of us. A life when spiritual rain pours down upon us in gifts and favor and overflows into every aspect of our lives.

But we say to God, um, Dude, You are way to big to care about that. Um, Old Man, You are way to far away to notice that. Um, Santa Clause, You are way too busy to pay attention to my entire list of needs, wants, and requests. After all, You have an entire world of mouths to feed, forget worrying about the desires of our heart.

The amazing part about God is that not only does He have an entire universe to look after, but He was the One who created that very universe!

God’s exalted above all limitations of time, space and creature-hood. He’s not limited by time, so He’s never late. He can move when it seems like nothing will turn around. God is not controlled by space. He can see regardless of how deep the pain, how far your mind. He can see all that, because he’s not limited by space. Nothing can stop God unless He desires to be limited by you. He is limited by only Himself, not us. God is so awesome that He will outwork our belief system. We may believe Him for a big thing but He will bring us a mind-blowing miracle!

And, in the end, this super cool, super awesome, super big God? Is our greatest and most neglected resource. Access to the well of God is a privilege of His covenant to us, but it is a privilege, not a requirement. It is dependant on our honoring the covenant itself by submitting to the will of our Heavenly Father.