Look upon the time of life. Look upon the gift of its seasons. For every season there is a purpose. For every time, there is a new beginning. Such is the way of life; in nature, in humanity, in the world.

Let us not rush the delicate balance of life. Let us not hurry the gentle slope of a dewdrop dripping from its leaf. Let us not hasten the growth of a tulip, peaking from the darkness of its seed, peering into the sweet delight of a new and fascinating world. Don’t press the kitten to flee its mother’s womb. All will be done in its perfect time. All will be spoken at the timing of perfect commands.

Don’t hasten the Lord when He stalls on your prayers. He knows the timing of the season. He knows the purpose of the timing. He knows the importance of the purpose. Don’t hasten the perfection of our perfect Creator. He knows what He is doing.

There is a time to sow. There is a time to reap. And then, there is a time to simply tilt your head to the whisper of the wind, and trust what God is saying.