Dear Abba,

I seek for you, oh my Soul, because you are the water the my thirsty heart. I call to you, oh blessed God, because you are the warmth in the midst of winter’s cold. I honor you, oh lovely King, because your generosity brings humility to me. I worship you, oh glorious One, because you are above anything and everything. I seek you, I call to you, I honor you, oh God, I worship you, because you are the joy of life.

God, I pray that you lead me and every believer who seeks your face into a deeper walk with you. Search our hearts, oh worthy King, and cleanse out all deceit and evil from within. Bring us into a more intimate fellowship with our Lord of Hosts. Reveal yourself to us, that we may know you more. Teach us, that we may honor you in our day-to-day living. Give us joy in your salvation and reverence for your name. Help us to glorify you, for you are worthy.

In Jesus name I pray,