Failure discourages us when nothing else has. It can cause us to re-think our dreams, re-process our interests. It can place a callous on a heart that’s been carefree since the mother’s womb. Failure is a worldwide experience that no man is ever spared. We all must face it, we all must endure it, but are we motivated enough to overcome it? Is there any beauty in failure? Yes, there is.

There are valuable lessons to be learned in botched experiences. Failure often comes as a heavy blow to a cherished dream. Or it can come as an unexpected result to poorly thought out actions. However it comes, there is always something we can take out of our experiences. We discover these lessons by asking ourselves these three questions:

How can I do better next time?

Where did the situation go wrong?

Is this experience a result of stepping out of God’s plan?

Out of the third question comes our second point of beauty; failure gifts us with the opportunity to re-focus on God. More often than I want to admit, my failures are birthed from me trying to wiggle out of the shelter of my heavenly Father’s will. When I do so, and open myself to painful failings, I am provided the opportunity to set my eyes back on God and re-evaluate where He is in my life.

And finally, the breaking down of our flesh that comes with failure is often a pre-requisite to breakthrough in our lives. Say what? The pain of failure often brings us to a low and wounded state of mind. But this is also a state in which our flesh is sizzling like a roasted marshmallow. God uses failure to kill the flesh! Crucifying the flesh always comes before a time of great breakthrough and blessing in our lives. God does this so that when the season of deliverance and abundance comes, we are able to receive it in the right spirit and use it for the right purposes.

So does failure mean pain and disappointment? Yes. Can we avoid much off it by following God’s will? Yes. But put into proper perspective, failure doesn’t have to be a thing of humiliation and hurt. It can be an experience of beauty.