Dearest Abba,

King of all kings, and Lord of all Lords, I submit myself before your most holy of names. You are the wealth that I strive for. Your touch brings the serenity that my troubled mind needs; that my tired soul seeks. God of all creation, majestic ruler of Heaven and Earth, your ways are encompassing and brilliant. Who is like you? To what can you be compared? You are amazing, my God. You are everything to me. Your light blinds me and your power strikes me with magnificent fear; reverential awe. I would not have you any other way than who you are, because who you are is glorious. Who you are is a sweet perfection that no man or living being can deny.

Father God, I pray for the circumstances in Egypt. There is so much going on that man cannot possibly begin to understand. There are spiritual forces there at work, oh Lord, who are trying to break down your walls and shatter your foundations. You have plans for the middle east, and the enemy is trying to cut your plans at the root. Oh God, by the delegated authority you have given me through the blood of Jesus, I declare into the earth realm and I command into the spirit that the plots of the enemy that are coming up against your perfect plan be halted now at the very root.

I bind the spiritual forces that are trying to undermine the commanded work that you have given your servants in the middle east. I command Satan to stop his advance against legions of angels that you have sent to guard your people in Egypt and I bind the strongman in charge of the evil spirits – Satan’s general sent to stir up war – from further interfering in any form with the nation of Egypt and the people within. I cancel all assignments of the enemy coming against Egypt now and I speak this by the authority of the Blood of Jesus and the written Word of God.

Egypt, I loose you, oh blessed nation, from the bonds of the enemy. I release the Holy Spirit of Fire to burn revival through your very soul and impress upon you the urgent need for the salvation of the Lord. I speak peace into the hearts of your dignitaries and leadership and I release the Holy Spirit to move and intercede directly upon their lives in accordance with God’s perfect plan. As a ruler in the earth realm, I command the political uprising in Egypt to cease and healing spread through the ranks of government. I speak healing, also, into the lives of the people negatively affected by these dire circumstances.

I speak this by the authority of Christ’s holy name.


(If in agreement with this prayer, please, please offer up a word of agreement. This situation is a huge turning point in the spiritual and it is vital that things go in accordance with God’s perfect plan. It is by the power of prayer that God‘s hand will move in Egyypt.)