The depth of purpose goes way back into the heart of bringing God the bountiful glory. But we must also realize that while that is big picture purpose on big universe scale, there is purpose for our everyday lives that bring us and our realm of influence closer to that goal. To speak plainly, we all have a purpose for being here on earth. And accomplishing that purpose will ultimately bring God glory.

Many of us have been through such hell and high water that we may ponder our purpose in life. What is the point of me going through all of this? What purpose does it serve? What is the reason for my existence? Why should I wake up everyday and pursue this intangible thing called life?

We must understand that while we each have our own purpose that answers these questions, God also has purpose for everything that He brings into our lives. And we may say, hey, that’s real cute, but there are things the devil brings that I can’t believe God would have a purpose in. Let me encourage you, brother, sister, where the devil’s purpose tis destruction and death, God will transform the situation to be used toward His purpose of wonder and life.

No situation is ever wasted under Heaven. All things are working together for our good and God’s glory. God is not a selfish God. He is not going to wring all the glory out of a situation but leave us with nothing but tattered rags. Sometimes we seem to think that’s exactly what He is doing, but He’s not.

I like to bake. And the cool thing about baking is it takes all kinds of ingredients that are disgusting by themselves (can we say raw eggs?) and tosses them together, sends them into one piping hot environment (can we say tough times?) and produces something delicate and delicious.

Such is the ability of purpose in our lives.

(inspired by Apostle Jones sermon, A purpose driven life)