Matthew 27:74-75

Thus says the Lord,

“My people have denied me. They look at my servant, Peter, and cry foul sayings against him. But I say to them, he repented but what have you done? Hypocrite. Have I not said to examine yourself before you cast stones of condemnation at another? Yes, he denied me but so have many of you without repentance. Every time your will leads you into sin, you deny me.

“Thus is the way of the Church today! Deny the Son of man! Sins are not trifle to be taken lightly. There are reasons that my commands are commands. There are reasons that I have said what I have said. But yet you shake your fist toward heaven and dare proclaim you know better than I?

“Impertinent child! Where were you when I made the heavens and the earth and declared it good? Where were you when I set the grass, and formed the light, and created living creatures? Was it your wisdom that set the sun in the sky? Answer me even this, was it your back that was lashed for the iniquities of man? Was it your hands that took the nail for healing of all nations? Let me go deeper, if you can still walk with me. Was it your breath that set life in motion, and your love that gave it lasting joy?

“No. You had no part in these things. Yet you dare to know better than I.

“Let me say even this. My people are tired of my rebukes. God’s wrath is never-ending, they say. Where is his grace, they say. God will understand, they say! I say that I see and I am not pleased. That is what I say. Tell me again, what is it that you say? Ah yes. Thus do all, then so should I. I can repent later. God will not see. It is a small mistake. Is it not just a little mistake? Is it not just a small lie? A little deception? A single night? Hah! Says I!

“You know what you do but you do not understand the far-reaching consequences of it. I understand. I see. I know. I can see the bigger picture whereas you are limited by your own perception. But you are the one who knows better than I?

“Come, little children. This is not the way that it should be. Please, child. I plead with you. I grow weary of the foolishness of man. Repent while it is still the time of repentance. Draw near unto me and I will restore you to your former glory. I will bring the land into peace and healing. I will rebuke the curses of many generations. I will end the wars and the hunger. I will send rain to lands that have known only famine. I will do these things if my people will only repent.

“But if you continue to come into my house – a house glorified by my name – and say that God’s grace covers all my sins; that I need just repent and I will be free to return to my vomit. If that is the way my Church insists it will go, then so be it. I will not strive with man much longer. I will not plead with man forever. The final days are coming. Let man choose where he will stand.”