What is greater than wisdom? Greater than this most sparkling of jewels? We search and search and cannot find the center of peace; the eye of the storm, the tranquility of midnight. What is the foundation of peace but wisdom? How can the first be found without the second? For without wisdom, we shall create our own nightmares, devastations, and earthquakes.

But with the wisdom of faith – faith in the salvation of God – we can walk on water in the midst of a hurricane, and know no fear.

Wisdom whispers of God’s delivering hand. It speaks by the Spirit of Comfort and Compassion. It knows the boundaries of man, and the boundlessness of the I Am. Wisdom is the fruit of experience. Wisdom is the Words of an Almighty Father, rained down upon unworthy sons and daughters.

Know wisdom. And by wisdom, walk in the footsteps of God.