Dear Abba,

Amazing. Stunning. Breathtaking. You are glorious, my God. How many times have I betrayed you? Yet you still want me. How many times have I lashed out at you? Yet you still hold me. How many times have I disobeyed you? Yet you still bless me. Your grace is immeasurable, your patience makes me humble, and your mercy drives me to my knees. Wonderful God. Ruler of the Heavens. I am awed by you.

Father, I pray for your beloved nation of the United States. We are in a disintegrating state of chaos. We have desensitized ourselves to morality and given our souls to the foolishness of the world. Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by lust, greed, and materialism. Satan has this nation by the neck and is slowly choking it to death by his strongholds. Interfere on our behalf, oh God. Deliver us from ourselves.

Give our leaders the mind to make decisions motivated by wisdom and not perversity

In Jesus name I pray.