Dear Abba,

I love you so much, my Lord. I need you so much. What is my world without you, oh my God? It is bleak, empty, undesirable. I am addicted to your presence. I am dependent on your love. I am enraptured by your beauty. Oh God, I am caught in a web of utter devotion. I couldn’t break free if I wanted to. To walk away from you would be to walk from life – I would die. Blessed savior, if I was to lose all things, but keep you? Oh God, I would still have everything.

Abba, draw me closer to you. I am dependent, but not dependent enough. I am devoted, but not devoted enough. I am desperate for your presence, but not desperate enough. I crave you, God. I need you like I need air to breath. But still I do not crave you enough. Still, I do not want you enough. I desire more, oh blessed savior. I need more of you. Decrease me, that you have room to enlarge within my life, within my soul. Increase my capacity for you. Spread and stretch out within my life, Abba, so that when people look at me, they only see you.

I love you. Oh God, I love you so much.

In Jesus name I pray,