Thus says the Lord,

“Dear child, rejoice in your weaknesses. Take peace within your sorrows. Don’t you know that’s when I’m strongest? That is when I am able to move the most freely within your life. Don’t allow yourself to be broken down, because you believe you have failed. No. Strive forward, little one, keep walking. Don’t worry if you falter or fall.

“Don’t you know that I have you in my hands? That you are safe under my wings? Don’t you know that I would never leave you, nor forsake you? I am here, little child, and I am stronger than you, more knowledgeable than you, and by far more powerful. Don’t you think I can handle the weight of your burdens? Don’t you think I can handle the cares that you carry? Allow yourself your weaknesses. Don’t try to hide them away. I am strong when you are weak. I am greatest when you are least. Rejoice in your infirmities. Be at peace.

“For the kingdom of God is for such as you – those who are hurt, and breaking; the weak and the infirm. I have not come for the healed, but for those who need a healer. So rejoice, I have come for you.”