God is asking the church today this question; “Why are you running the race?” He wants to know the motives for your faithfulness. Why? Because if your motives are wrong, you will soon drop the race having wasted a great deal of time.

Listen, children of God, we can’t be in this race for the benefits, for the blessings. We can’t follow God because He makes us feel good and gives us pretty things. For such is an insult to the Almighty. God is about so much more than that, and walking with Him must be about more than all of that.

Our faithfulness is on trial. Things are turning upside down. Nothing is going the way that we feel it should. And it seems like God has gone silent. He’s not answering any prayers. He’s not releasing His usual blessings. Does that sound familiar? God wants to know if we will stay in the race even when the benefits are not in sight.

God is not our sugar daddy. He is not a pimp. And He is not Santa Clause. Don’t get me wrong, He has a strong desire to bless His people. His heart delights in our delights. But He is about much more than free cars, extra cash, and even dashes of joy. He is also about reaching out to broken souls. Reveling in the fellowship of each other. Rejoicing in the delights of nature. Feeding the homeless. Healing the sick. Loving each other.

What does all that add up to? God is about being a blessing to each other, and enjoying life together. That is what this race is truly about, brothers and sisters. That’s the foundation for the gospel. Everything else is a buildup on just how to make that possible. And if that’s not the foundation for our faithfulness, then can we can’t be surprised when our faith falls short when we need it most.

(Inspired by Apostle Jones sermon, My Faith is on Trial)