“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18

Thus says the Lord,

“Love must go deeper than the everyday definition of affection. Love often requires discipline to maintain. Have you ever sparked a fire and never took the time to tend it? What happens? It burns out.

“Love is often an extension of self, saying, I will give of me to be of assistance to you. I will sacrifice my very life, if that is the cost of your salvation. Even, I will wake to pray for you, no matter how much sleep it will cost me.

“Love is patient with others’ shortcomings. It doesn’t throw up its hand and quit after a mere couple times requiring forgiveness. It presses on, even when there seems no reward in sight.

“However, sometimes love is required to be so powerful that it will turn away and say, enough. I have extended my hand to you. I have fed you. I have given you affection. I have provided for your needs. I have been patient. I have been kind. And you have taken my love for granted. Therefore I will withdraw the abundance of love’s blessings and I will wait. I will wait, beloved, until you can love me in return.

“That is how I am with my children. My heart is theirs. Do they know that? No. But so great is my love for them, so overflowing is my devotion, that my heart is quite honestly in their hands. Yet instead of holding it with as much tenderness as I do theirs, they are quick to shred it to pieces.

“But this is what I say; I will still be patient. I will still wait. I will still love with the abundance of my tender mercies. I am here, child, waiting. Waiting till the day that you can truly come to love me in return. Amen.”