The really unique thing about our prince charming, Jesus Christ, is that even though He is our knight in shining armor, He is not impressed with a damsel in distress. Ever seen the movies or read the book? Where the damsel is an air-brained, helpless female who is always getting herself into trouble and here comes prince charming to her rescue? Bella from Twilight, anyone? *runs from Bella’s obsessed fans armed with pitchforks and butcher knives*

Now, let’s picture the scene a little differently. Damsel in distress. Got it? Here comes prince charming. Can you picture it? Prince Charming saves the fair lady, receives true-love’s first kiss, blah, blah, blah, and here’s where our fairytale runs a little strange…Prince Charming decks the damsel out in full armor, trains her in some wicked cool swordsmanship, and asks that she fight at his side! Wow! (Now, if Twilight followed that route, I may have actually been able to stomach the series *dodges a butcher knife*)

So, now our fair lady has two choices when the lovers are suddenly faced with a fire-breathing dragon. Fight at Prince Charming’s side and help save the day, or shed her armor and run screaming for the hills where a hidden dragon turns her into tasty barbeque. Two options are given, and only two outcomes are available. Which does the damsel choose? Well, hopefully the one where she lives to see her next birthday, right? Right?

Well, if she is anything like modern day Christians…WRONG! She runs screaming for the hills. You see, if prince charming is Jesus and we are the fair damsel, then we are called to put on the Armor of God (eph. 6) and stand by Christ’s side as we battle the forces of evil together. And as the cute as that sounds, it doesn’t reflect the reality of what Christians are actually doing. Run for hills and become fried bacon is far more accurate.

You see, we are helpless damsels at a certain point in our spiritual lives, mainly when we are first saved, and here comes Prince Charming to our rescue. But Jesus Christ isn’t interested in helpless damsels remaining helpless. So He trains us in spiritual warfare and clothes us in impenetrable armor. Then He calls us to fight at His side as He goes up against that great dragon, Satan. And the great part is, so long as we do so, we are guaranteed victory.

But we get scared at the first fireball of dragon breath. And instead of standing our ground with the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE at our side, we run. And because armor is designed for combat and not retreat, it is too heavy to provide adequate speed, so we shed it real fast. And what happens? We have abandoned the protection of our knight in shining armor, and we have shed the only body protection we have. So when we are faced with a hidden dragon that we never saw coming, we are helpless and quickly defeated.

Fried bacon, anyone?

So what‘s my point? Stand by Prince Charming’s side and keep on your armor, no matter how heavy it gets, and you’ll be alright!