Dearest Abba,

Thank you for your continual mercy upon our nation. I know that we don’t always do things right or according to your will, but I thank you for your patience, even when I become exasperated with it. You are so wonderful and perfect and you know what you are doing. I thank you that when we are confused or frustrated, that you take the time to teach us and love on us. And for that alone, you are worthy of all glory.

God, I ask for a special blessing upon a friend of mine. The world has stolen from her, my Lord. Taken what does not belong to it. But God, I thank you that vengeance is yours. That you WILL repay. I thank you that your word says the thief must restore double fold what he has stolen. God, I thank you that you stand strong and faithfully by your Word and that my friend will receive great increase for her troubles.

In Jesus name,