Dear Abba,

My heart is in your hand, my Lord. And I thank you for your mercy. You are amazing, my God. For you are very mindful of man, though we are little in your eyes. We are tiny, Lord, when compared to your might. So thank you for your patience with us, and your love for us. We are not worthy, yet you still care about us. We are foreign to your holiness, yet you still adore us. So thank you, my Lord, for being so wonderful.

Father, I would like to bring our children before your eyes. There is so much going on in their world, and so much violence. Help them, oh Lord, to navigate the dangerous waters of this world, and give them wisdom with which to grow strong and yet stay pure. Keep them safe from the hands of the enemy. Keep them seperate from the tangles of the world. Love them, Abba, with your perfect kindness and keep them in your tender care. Draw them close to you, that they may know you. That they may love you.

In Jesus name I pray,