Dearest Abba,

I just want to thank you today for your sacrifice. The heartache, the agony, the pain, the sorrow. You suffered and died. Rose again to new life. What you suffered was beyond anything I can comprehend. I would be wary to even try. You are amazing and I would be lost without your presence; eternally abandoned without your sacrifice. Thank you, my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so wonderful.

Abba, I would like to come before you and request that you open the naive eyes throughout the world. The eyes that see suffering and blame your perfect name. The eyes that live behind white picket fences and pay no mind to poor upon the streets. The eyes that walk into circumstances unsafe, yet expect to escape unscathed. The eyes that see creation’s glory but deny the existence of divine presence. The eyes that endure hardship and want unnecesarily if they would but accept your ways, and therefore your provision.

Help us, Lord, to see beyond what we desire to see. Open our eyes to what we need to see.

In Jesus name,