Dearest Abba,

I have much to thank you for today but I will simply say that you have been amazingly faithful. I owe you every breath that I take. Every moment of happiness and peace – all gifts from you. Dearest lover of my soul, I have despised my existence, yet you take tender delight in me. I have run from your arms, yet you gather me with gentle mercy. I have ignored your commands – even your pleas – yet you still seek me attention. Amazing. You are simply too amazing for me to fathom, my wonderful king of kings.

Abba, I must say a special prayer for myself today. Please strengthen me, that my courage will not fail again. Please build me up, that I never shatter again. Please hold me, that I don’t walk in self-pity. Please break me if you must, that I be moldeable in your hands. Override me, should my desires get out of plan. Teach me, that I may learn your ways. And comfort me for the rest of my days.

Be my God. You have given me my life. You have sustained it from evil intentions. Now God, I give it back to you for your will and your purpose.

In Jesus name I pray,