I made a mistake a few days ago. A mistake so great that I should not be here typing this post. And one day I will testify when God releases me to do so. But for the purpose of today, I made a mistake from very complex motivations and God had to clean up the mess. Basic but the truth.

Having gone through that, I want to say that God and I are making progress toward forgiveness – me forgiving myself. And part of that process is accepting that there is weakness within me, within all of us. Yes, I am sorry to dissapoint the egotistical maniacs of the world, but we are not God. Perfect, loving God. No, we are part of the self-centered, stubborn, hating, imperfect (obviously), conniving, did-I-mention-imperfect? human race.

Yup. There it is. We. Make. Mistakes. Again and again and again and repeat-that-in-your-head-a-thousand-times-and-you-might-get-the-idea type of ”AGAIN.”

In other words, we are weak in many areas of our lives. We do things we shouldn’t do. We say things we shouldn’t say. We believe things we shouldn’t believe.

But here’s that kicker; all that aside, we are some pretty decent people.

Yes, I said it. After saying all that, we really aren’t all that bad. We have issues, yes. But we have a quality side to us as well. That side that is concerned about the planet, each other, the poor, the hurting. We’re pretty good people.

So when you do something that…maybe you shouldn’t have done, remember that there is a good side and a flawed side. This is a rule-of-thumb. None of us are exempt. We do good things and foolish things. But most of us desire to do right. And from that reasoning I say to you and myself, “Let it go. Move on. Move forward. Continue with your life. Don’t let it become a mistake that binds. Release yourself by forgiving yourself.”