Dearest Abba,

I know the extent of your sweetness…in that it has no bounds. I know the height of your love…in that you died for thieves and murderers. I know the width of your righteousness…it is circular, without end. If there is one thing I know, I know the essence of your character…for it is love. And for that reason, you have my love in return.

Sweetest master, I pray for my church. I pray that we be strengthened in our relationship with you. I pray that we grow closer to you, and are humbled by you. We are struggling, Lord, to encourage passion in your sheep. The truth is, if anybody can light their spirits on fire, it is you, and only you. So I ask that you come as a thief in our night. Come as rain to our desert. Come as fire to our brush. Stir us up, Lord, shake us up, Lord, show us your might and power. Give us reason to care more than we do.

In Jesus name I pray,