There is a seed of greatness within each of us. There are gifts that are waiting to be unwrapped; blessings that have yet to unfold. Amazing as it is to think about, we are God’s gift to each other. We are placed in the lives of certain people just so we can be a blessing to them.

Interdependence basically means to be unable to exist or survive without each other. Do you know that the entire universe is built on this principle? Take away air and nobody breathes. Take away trees and we can’t produce air. Take away water and there are no trees. Basic biology. Well, humans are the same way. Take away farmers and who has time to learn medicine? Take away doctors and who stays healthy long enough to build homes? If nobody builds homes, we are exposed to the elements, fall sick, but have no doctors to heal us and no farmers from which to buy food…we get the point.

The church is also built on this principle. If all are pew-warmers, who will teach? If all are teachers, who will usher? If all are ushers, who will pastor? Who will prophesy? Who will heal? We are interdependent upon each other. So if we are called to sing, but we sit and watch, who will lead worship? If we are called to dance, but we don’t, who will minister through dance? If we are given the gift of healing, but we don’t cultivate it, how can we be mad when nobody is being healed?

This is my point. When God blesses us with a gift, we are crippling the church when we choose not to grow that gift and use it in ministry. And when we cripple the church, we are only crippling ourselves. If we want to be blessed, we have to bless others. If we don’t want to minister to or bless others, who are we to be ministered to? We are taking and taking, but never giving. And then we wonder why our pastors are exhausted. Our first ladies are cranky. Our deacons have no patience. And our ushers are trying to do a dozen jobs at once. Why? Because they have to fill positions that others are called to fill but are not. And the pew-warmers are wondering why their Sunday morning show isn’t all that impressive anymore.

If you want to receive, you have to give. If you are not giving, don’t be surprised when you don’t receive.