I recently seperated from the U.S. Navy. Now I enjoy the much more delightful life of an Interior Design student in San Diego.

A dedicated Christian, I attend Higher Praise Christian Fellowship where I am currently learning to grow stronger in my faith and strengthen my relationship with God. As an aspiring author, I enjoy writing inspirational fantasy and romance. I also enjoy cross-stitching, baking, reading, and spending time with my family–biological, adopted, and spiritual.

This blog is where I hope to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing testimonies, struggles, and triumphs. I promise to be as honest as possible on this blog, even with subjects that are painful or sensitive.

I wrote the following poem to demonstrate why this promise is important to me:

The Weight of Masks

Our churches are torn asunder,
Darling families hate each other,
Members can’t stand together,
Grudges live on past forever.

Dare we hide sin’s weakness…
And hurt inside, yet turn blind eyes,
When our sisters stumble and fall?

Dare we preach redemption…
While flaunting perfection’s mask,
And hiding sin beneath a righteous stand?

Dare we act so haughty…
Demanding seats of prestige,
When God would teach humility?

The world is troubled by God’s children,
They see past the masks concealing shame.
Behind closed doors we stumble and fall,
Why can’t we show our disgrace?

My brothers and sisters,
Why can’t we see?
They can relate,
To our pain.