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The depth of purpose goes way back into the heart of bringing God the bountiful glory. But we must also realize that while that is big picture purpose on big universe scale, there is purpose for our everyday lives that bring us and our realm of influence closer to that goal. To speak plainly, we all have a purpose for being here on earth. And accomplishing that purpose will ultimately bring God glory.

Many of us have been through such hell and high water that we may ponder our purpose in life. What is the point of me going through all of this? What purpose does it serve? What is the reason for my existence? Why should I wake up everyday and pursue this intangible thing called life?

We must understand that while we each have our own purpose that answers these questions, God also has purpose for everything that He brings into our lives. And we may say, hey, that’s real cute, but there are things the devil brings that I can’t believe God would have a purpose in. Let me encourage you, brother, sister, where the devil’s purpose tis destruction and death, God will transform the situation to be used toward His purpose of wonder and life.

No situation is ever wasted under Heaven. All things are working together for our good and God’s glory. God is not a selfish God. He is not going to wring all the glory out of a situation but leave us with nothing but tattered rags. Sometimes we seem to think that’s exactly what He is doing, but He’s not.

I like to bake. And the cool thing about baking is it takes all kinds of ingredients that are disgusting by themselves (can we say raw eggs?) and tosses them together, sends them into one piping hot environment (can we say tough times?) and produces something delicate and delicious.

Such is the ability of purpose in our lives.

(inspired by Apostle Jones sermon, A purpose driven life)


A ship is much larger, much heavier, and much steadier than a little boat. It is able to weather great storms that would crush individual boats. Therefore, the odds of survival are greater when sailing aboard a great ship than a personal, small boat.

That being said, the people of God are having problems because:

  • They are rejecting the ship of God in favor of sailing their own, smaller vessels. The advantage of this is you don’t have to follow the rules and stricter lifestyle of a large ship. The disadvantage is should problems arise, you are a grand total one-man crew.
  • We are trying to weigh the ship down with too much baggage. Such cargo is the worries, frustrations, and burdens of a sinful lifestyle. Such weight has a tendency to drag the ship down, slow its progress, and overall be a hindrance to the ship’s divine mission. It must be tossed overboard.
  • We are not listening to the Captain of the ship. In Acts, the big Captain, God, told the little captain, Paul, to warn the people about the voyage. The people didn’t listen, the voyage went bad, and the ship sank. God will send us a little captain (a spiritual leader) to make His will known to the sailors. If the people don’t listen, can they really be surprised if the cost is high?

And we will notice in Acts that the key to the sailor’s survival is that they stay on the ship—not jump overboard too early.  The same applies to us. If we’re sailing onboard the ship of God, it is not wise to jump overboard and try to weather the storms on our own. Cause we might drown.

Therefore we must pray:

  • Pray against loss of life aboard our spiritual ship.
  • Pray that our brothers and sisters will work together to keep the ship operational.
  • Pray for the little captain who is God’s spokesman to the crew—that he stay strong in the midst of adversity and continues to hear the voice of God.

(Inspired from Apostle Jones sermon, The Ship wont Sink Cause I’m on it.)

Architect–one who designs buildings, bridges; designs the blueprint and supervises the construction.

God’s our architect. He has created us to be special, unique. We have a special set of finger prints—our own individuality. Within His design for our lives are the blueprints of peace and prosperity. Everything made by Him is good. And He knows His creation, He knows us, inside and out. He knows when we’re down and disturbed. He knows what to do in every situation. All that’s required is that we submit to the capable hands of the Architect.

And as our architect, He has the power to bring His blueprints to life. But we must understand the goal of the process—to be like the Lord. God wants to create the house of our lives to be a shining replica of His glory. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? God has designed us to reflect Him. And His hands are forever busy with bringing his blueprints to life.

The hand of God means many things. One, it means to take possession of something. We must understand, God becomes jealous of any other touch that interferes with His work. Think about it, do we really want to interfere with a possessive God? It also means to bring aide to. In His hands is everything we need to take care of the house He’s designing for us. When the electric bill can’t be paid, the money is in God’s hand. When bugs infest the walls, the repellant is in God’s hand. And finally, His hand means to do a work. The Almighty wants to do a double work—He wants to work in us so that He can work through us.

Additionally, we must also understand that as God’s hands are in our lives, they are busy working, but they are also spreading. And as God spreads His hands, He is spreading us. He’s enlarging our capability for anointing, enlarging our territory, enlarging our gifts. Unfortunately, sometimes this process hurts, but the work of divine hands produce only good.

However, His hands are the only hands that produce good. Many of us are having problems because we are not submitting to the mighty hand of God. We have our hands brushing His aside. We have the world’s hands infesting every room of our house. To top it off, we fail to surrender the work over to the contractor.

Contractor–one who executes the blueprints; does the work of the written plan.

Brothers and sisters, we can’t build our own house. Why? I’ll tell you a secret. It’s because we end up putting the refrigerator where the toilet belongs. We put in a tack where we need a nail. We put a window where we need a door. And instead of stairs we put a slide—so we have a fun ride down but no way back up. No. We need an outside contractor to work on our behalves and build the house perfectly, according to perfect specifications.

And the great thing is, we don’t have to pay this contractor, he volunteered for the job. We don’t have to feed him, because he’s never hungry. We don’t have offer nap breaks, because he never sleeps. He will build us a house that God doesn’t mind dwelling in. A house where every room is pleasing to the contractor.

And the best part? His name is Jesus—and he’s a trained carpenter.

(Article inspired by Apostle Jones’ sermon, The Divine Architect)