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Take your weakness,
And make it glory,
Glory, I say, in infirmity,
For weakness breeds

Take the sorrow,
And make it worthwhile,
Make it, I say, worth your tears,
For sorrow breeds

Take all obstacles,
And make it pathetic,
Pathetic, I say, in your eyes,
For obstacles breed

Take every wound,
And make it your testimony,
Testify, I say, of your pain,
For wounds breed

Take your weakness,
And make it strength.
Take your sorrow,
And build experience.
Take your obstacles,
And learn confidence.
Take your wounds,
And extend sympathy.

Take life,


A little quote from MEEEE!!

“When weakness is overwhelming, God’s strength is extraordinary.”

Have a great weekend.

Can God pay my mortgage when the bank is empty, the wallet is pouting, and the kids are hungry?


Can God heal my body when my back is malfunctioning, my stomach is rolling, and my head is breaking?


Can God sustain my car when gas is on empty, the oil is dirty, and the brakes are squeeling?


Can God feed five thousand men with women who are fainting and children who are whimpering?


Can God divide the seas that dry land appear and a nation goes free?


Can God speak a word and clouds drift away, waves lose momentum, and wind forgets its way?


Can God free a spirit bound by adultery, burdened by murder, ravished by nightmares?


Can God endure beating, lashing, rebukes, yelling, hatred, reviling, nails and thorns all without a word?


Can God fill a church with souls in need of salvation with only a pastor and a few devoted saints?


Can God love a people who rape, hate, steal, kill, fornicate, defile; all in Satan’s name?


Can God feed the homeless of an entire city with only two souls committed to their cause?


Can God renew a nation that detests His ways while claiming His name?


Can God breathe a garden, a world, and universe, time, and space with willpower and word?


Can God save a husband, wife, child, or friend from a prodigal state, a broken path, and unstable ways?


Can God heal a world ravished by hurricanes, abused by earthquakes, and corrupted by pollution?


Can God make a way when the circumstances speak impossible.

Darn straight.

Thus says the Lord,

“Dear child, rejoice in your weaknesses. Take peace within your sorrows. Don’t you know that’s when I’m strongest? That is when I am able to move the most freely within your life. Don’t allow yourself to be broken down, because you believe you have failed. No. Strive forward, little one, keep walking. Don’t worry if you falter or fall.

“Don’t you know that I have you in my hands? That you are safe under my wings? Don’t you know that I would never leave you, nor forsake you? I am here, little child, and I am stronger than you, more knowledgeable than you, and by far more powerful. Don’t you think I can handle the weight of your burdens? Don’t you think I can handle the cares that you carry? Allow yourself your weaknesses. Don’t try to hide them away. I am strong when you are weak. I am greatest when you are least. Rejoice in your infirmities. Be at peace.

“For the kingdom of God is for such as you – those who are hurt, and breaking; the weak and the infirm. I have not come for the healed, but for those who need a healer. So rejoice, I have come for you.”

We say, 

11 “What strength do I have, that I should hope?
      And what is my end, that I should prolong my life? 

 12 Is my strength the strength of stones?
      Or is my flesh bronze?

 13 Is my help not within me?
      And is success driven from me? (Job 6:11-13, New King James Version)

But God says, “You have Me. And in Me, you have life. Take My yoke. Carry My burden. But the yoke with which you are bound? The burden that you carry? It is not Mine. Therefore your strength is that of stone, and your courage stiff with fright that you are unable to move. But I say take My yoke, My burden, and I will give you My strength for which to carry it. For My strength does not fail, and My muscles are not lax. But man’s strength fails because they lift man’s burdens. Not Mine. There is a difference.”