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 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:1-2, New King James Version)

Thus says the Lord,

“If there is no condemnation for those within Me, why is there condemnation? Why is it that I see My children condemning one another? If you are free to reject condemnation, why do you extend condemnation?

“Is knowledge perfect throughout the land, that every man knows the other’s heart? Is wisdom so matured that we may reach conclusions without facts? Indeed, precious children, it is rather laugheable – righteous man and their righteous judgements. See, the presumptions of man are based more upon envies and desires than upon righteous judgement. Yet they still feel every judgement is qualified.

“Is it?

“I do not say, beloved, not to judge. For how does one pursue life without making necessary judgements? Shall one flow through life’s tide without a single decision? No, child, for that is folly. So, indeed you must judge, but be careful. Be cautious. Be respectful in your judgements, for many that I see are wrong. And this problem stands easily corrected if My children would simply consult with Me for better wisdom.”


5 These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans. 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7 And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. 9 Provide neither gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, 10 nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food.
(Matthew 10:5-10, New King James Version)

Thus says the Lord,

“If, I, being perfect and well-knowledged in what my children are able and capable of, therefore do command them to go out and spread the kingdom of God, why are my children held back by fear? Where is their faith? If I have given the gift of preaching my Word, why do the people say I can’t preach? And if I, the source of all power and authority, do say to my children, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, why is it that the children of God carry more fear of the demonic than the demonic have of them? Why is it that the lepers go uncleansed because the people have no faith in My desire to rid them of their infirmity? Why is it that the sick do perish, when the prayer of faith would have healed their bodies?

“And yet I am the One at fault? I am the One who does not heal? I am the One responsible for the trials of man? Let Me tell My children this; I send no battle without first arming My children with weapons, I loose no flood without first teaching My children to swim, and I pass no command without first ensuring my children are well able to fulfill it.

“My desire is not for death and destruction, oh little children, but for peace, love, and harmony. And if destruction is not my will, why then, when presumptuous man does see it, do they point to Me before they even consider theirselves, their own race? Am I guilty of the flaws of man? Am I guilty of the murders, thefts, and rapes of man? Am I guilty of the negligence of man to their own planet? Am I guilty of their sins and shortcomings? No. I tell you. I am guilty of none of these. So why then do I bear the brunt of the blame?

“Tell Me, dearest child who holds all knowledge, did I force the finger that squeezed the trigger of the gun that killed an innocent man? Tell Me, for I am curious to know, did I spread the chemicals that are killing your planet? Did I use the resources that are weighing heavilly on your economy? Did I force the alcohol down the throat of the drunk-driver that crippled a child? Did I construct the building that toppled upon it’s workers? Did I force the leaders to begin any of their wars? Did I neglect the campfire that burned down forest and homes?

“No. No. I am gulty of none of these things. So why do I bear the blame?

“And when I came to the earth with a message of repentence, did I begin a war that consumed the lives of thousands? Or did I feed thousands, and heal thousands, and spread hope to thousands? And when I was raised upon a tree, was it because I committed transgression or because I gave my life for the transgressions of others? And when I commanded my disciples to follow in my footsteps, did I tell them to kill, steal, and destroy? Or did I send them with the message and spiritual tools of life?

“So why then do I bear the accusation of death?

“There is more to this world than meets the eye, My children. Therefore is it not wiser to walk in the ways of perfection rather than throw blame toward perfection?”

John 3:16-21

If you look up condemnation, it basically refers to two different types; to judge that somebody or something is themselves or itself bad or wrong, or to legally judge somebody as guilty. It is not finger waggling; oh, you did a naughty thing. Oh you have this horrible addiction. Oh, blah blah blah. For these are the thoughts we have about others or ourselves, right? Let me say a little something because I think it’s time to put the devil back in his place – under our feet;

Such finger pointing is not righteous judgment, nor is it condemnation or conviction. So what is it? Well, nonsense is what it is. It’s a whole lot of talk that has no legal right to back up what it is speaking. So why in the world are we listening?

Condemnation is; you are a bad person and because of that, you will go to hell. Are we now clarified?

Thus says the Lord of Hosts;

“I know what they say about you. I know what they speak into your life. I know the words that depart out of your mouth, and I know the words that are spoken within your mind. RELEASE THEM. They are not of Me.

“There is no condemnation for the true sons and daughters of God. Why? Because My Blood washed away all legal right to condemn you. I took your place upon Calvary’s cross. I bore your pain and your iniquity. I bore the weight and condemnation of your sin. To further bring condemnation is an illegal act of spitting in My face. I say no! I say release these words spoken against you and within you. In one ear? Reject it out the other. Do not receive them. They are not of Me.

“You are perfect and holy in My eyes. You are perfect and holy in My eyes. Why? You ask. Why? Why? I say, My Blood. My Blood. My Blood. My Blood cleanses your impurity into a pure stream of flowing white. Therefore what condemnation can be brought against My Blood?

“Release these unholy words. Rebuke them. Let them not depart your mouth. Let them not enter your soul. Release them. They are not of Me.”


I know that you said to intercede no more, but I beg you anyway. Have mercy on America. Do this, not based on our filthy righteousness but because of Your very Word. You said ask of You and we shall recieve. You said in Isaiah that you look for intercessors to withhold Your hand from passing judgement. God, please, please, I ask for more time for America to stand under Your mercy. You still have a large remnant that is hidden under the blood of Jesus. Will You strike Your own Son who intercedes for us at Your right hand? Our life is hidden in Him, Lord. Strike us and You strike Him. Have mercy.

Will You strike the innocent for the guilty? Did You not say that You will not uproot the tares before time because in doing so, You will also uproot the wheat? It isn’t time, Lord, for Your judgment to fall. You have too many prophesies still needing to be fulfilled. Will You defile Your name for the sake of Your judgment? Will You strike a blow to me and my loved ones in the Lord for the sake of those who refuse correction? Stay Your hand, Mighty God, and remember Your desire for mercy.

Give the Church more time to grow in Your ways. Remember the Blood of Jesus. There are those who will still submit to You if You only allow us more time to reach them. There are those who will worship You in holiness if You will only allow them more time to learn.

Pour out Your Spirit upon the Church. Deliver those with a desire for deliverance. Save those with a desire for salvation. Heal those with a desire for healing. As for the rest, they will recieve Your judgment one way or another, whether it be today or tomorrow. So hold back Your hand a little longer for the sake of those who will walk after Your heart, but are not doing so just yet.

And please, God, I beg You, heal America’s economy. We don’t give all the money we can to help those in need throughout the world, but we do give a lot. If the economy continues to run down hill, America will only give less and less, because they will have less and less to give. And if we don’t give, other countries surely won’t fill the gap like we do, and then who will You use to help the poor and needy? Aren’t they also heavy burdens on Your heart? So help us, Lord, that we may help them. Bless us, My God, that You may use us to bless them.

In Jesus name I pray,


As I prepare to write posts for Thursdays, I always pray and ask God to lead me in the scripture to a topic He would like to address, or He would like me to address. He always does this, and even on days when I am not particularly fond of the topic (usually rebukes), I try very heard to stay faithful.

So when I prayed this and I immediately heard Jeremiah 7:8 as clear as day, I was kinda excited. Yay, God answered fast. Usually it takes a little more prayer than just, God show me…etc. So it must be a great revelation to talk about. I was hoping for some encouragement or strengthening scripture…

Didn’t get it.

So, if you wanna know, go ahead and read Jeremiah 7:8-30. I don’t have the heart to type it out. I was crying when I read it. You see, ever since Christmas Day, my spirit has been experiencing a strange grieving/unsettledness that I just couldn’t quite place. God woke me up early Christmas morning and told me about how He was upset (and I do mean upset) with the state of our nation, how He was ready to pass judgment. I begged Him for mercy, to remember His remnant of believers in America who are truly striving after His heart. My soul was so saddened that I wept then too. I didn’t go back to sleep until He told me that He would hold back His hand of judgment.

But there continued to be a weight over my spirit, and it has grown heavier and heavier up to this day. I began to wonder what in the world is wrong with me? Why am I so sad? So gloomy? So weary? I just got off a two-week vacation for goodness sake! And then, as I read that scripture, it was like a dam broke; I cried, and a majority of the burden lifted.

This is nothing new to me. God has often allowed me to experience a fraction of the emotion He is feeling. Now I believe He is showing me how saddened He is with the Church’s state of continual backsliding and stiff-necked disobedience. This concern is wearying Him, sawing at His patient grace.

We must remember, brothers and sisters, that much of the Church, much of the world, is running solely on grace and a fraction of the people who cry for mercy, but grace does run out. We can’t keep talking the talk but not walking the walk. We must learn reverence for the Holiness of the God we serve.

Now, to clarify, mistakes do happen. That is not what the Lord is grieved with. He is grieved with blatant disobedience to His commands. We must pray against this. We must continue to cry out for mercy. God Himself doesn’t change, but He does change His mind. The good news is that Jeremiah continued to cry mercy and several chapters after chapter seven, God did hear and heed his prayers.

But here is the key that will buy us more time under God’s mercy; if we are to cry mercy we must also walk in ways of righteousness and call others to do so. Jeremiah 7 is a warning we must not take lightly. God’s judgment will come, but He desires that as many as possible be saved and walking in the faith before it does so. And for more people to be saved, we must cry for more time under mercy and grace. And we must walk in His ways.