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Who loves the Lord the way that He loves us? Who honors the Lord the way that He honors us? Who treasures the Lord the way that He treasures us?

Oh children of the earth, can we think beyond you and me? They and I? Can we move beyond our own desires, fears, and dreams? Can we care for God the way that He cares for us?

Harken to my voice, sinners and saints. We think ourselves rulers of this world. Content in our houses. Driving our cars. Raising our families. We think ourselves accomplished with degrees beneath our belt. We think ourselves seasoned with experience to share.

But I say, look beyond the simple bubble wherein lives your universe. I say think about the Lord who has blessed you with the house, cars, and children. Do we have time for Him when we have no need? Do we have love for Him when prayers go unanswered? Do we have devotion for Him when earthquakes ravage our nations?

But our time is limited. Our love is conditional. Our devotion is variable.

And when we walk content, Jesus weeps. When we judge each other, we rend the heart of God. And when we ignore the beggar in the street, the prostitute walking to that car, the teenager selling drugs, the druggy manipulating for money, the rapist fleeing the scene, and the murderer serving his time, we ignore the Christ who suffered and died for them, you, and I.

Because it’s not just about you. It’s not just about me. It’s not just about them.

It’s about our King of kings. Can I love Him the way that He loves me?

I say, if the fruit of our lives is any indication, the answer is no. If the grieving of His Spirit troubling my soul is any indication, the answer is no. I say, if the emptiness of our churches in a Christian nation is any indication, the answer is no.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Brother and sisters, beloved and friends, there is still time to change.

I plead. I plead. There is still time to change.

But not much.


No movie captured my heart and engaged my emotions like the movie, Passion of the Christ. But now I am pleased to review a movie that not only blew my mind, but liquefied the emotions of my heart into tears running down my face as I watched Furious Love. Tears the like of which I haven’t cried since I saw Passion so many years ago. It is fitting, I think, because where the Passion left off (with the resurrection of Christ), Furious Love documents how Christ’s great passion, His mighty love, is continuing to change and save lives today.

Furious Love records Christianity where few believers dare to go. It documents Christians taking the light of God into the most darkest and horrifying places. The stories will astound you and the testimonies will humble you. If you ever heard a song or statement that has the words “Lord, break my heart for the things that break Your heart,” and you prayed that as a prayer, God will answer as you watch this movie.

The documentaries in this movie will take you across the world and into the lives of people delivered from demonic power as well as souls walking the streets and selling their bodies for money they desperately need. Furious Love will take you into the eye-opening story of a young woman delivered from a disturbing cult where she was raised to be (literally) a bride of Satan. Then the movie continues with an amazing account of a few Christians who enter a large gathering of witches and warlocks looking for a “fight” and leave with a powerful lesson about God’s grace, mercy, and incredible love.

Love. How far can it extend? How deep can it reach? The movie begins with this question, and concludes with a most sobering answer.

Thus says the Lord;

You say,

The people are hungry. Send them away. The people annoy me. Send them away. The people require too much. Send them away. The people are sinful. Send them away. The people are wailing. Send them away.

But I say,

No, I will not send them away. I have compassion on them. You feed them. Clothe them. Teach them. Lead them. Comfort them.

You say,

I have too little to feed them, too little to clothe them, too little to teach them, too little to comfort them.

So I say,

What do you have for yourself?

And you say,

A few loaves. Two pairs of pants. One Bible. One Hope.

Therefore I say,

Bring the little you have. If you give of your little for those with nothing, I will bless your gift, multiply it, and you can spread it throughout the multitudes. They will walk away fed, warm, taught, and encouraged. And what remains, you will gather twelve baskets full of the small portion you gave away.


Mark 6: 33-44

Upturned faces,
Sorrowful eyes,
Seething mentions,
Unheard cries.

These are the calls of My people,
Surmounting the wails of heartbreak.

Raped prostitutes,
Broke gamblers,
Beaten spouses,
Rebellious children.

These are the forms that they come in:
Not knowing My path to better ways.

Can anyone hear the cry of My children?
Does anyone relate to their worries and pain?
Will my hands and my feet go and seek them?
Alas, they are busy with the busyness of days.

My eyes are filled with much weeping.
My heart sorrows; they’ve stopped dreaming.
Their hope, my great gospel, is preaching,
Under roofs where none of them are sleeping.

Go forth, my resurrected,
Speak encouraging words.

Go for, my redeemed,
Bring them back to me.

Go to the highways,
Scale out the byways,
Broken and wounded,
All bring!

I am ready,
For healing.

I am searching,
For the defeated.

I am seeking,
For the willing.

Go forth!
Hands and feet,
Bring them to me.

So that I may bring them into peace.