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Subtle glances,
Extended hugs,
Passing winks,
And he is married.

Rounded belly,
Downcast eyes,
He only walks,
On the other side.

Soft whispers,
Dainty words,
Hushed murmurs,
Loose lips; our Judas kiss.

You see;

Lust overcomes faithfulness.
Beguiling words trump common sense.
Laws of nature take over.
Shame is exposed to the world.

But where is soothing compassion?
There’s no outreach, no strength.
The gossip is family betrayal.
And every night, her sobs,
Reach Christ’s ears,
And angels hear,
But touch

Where is God’s grace?


Take your weakness,
And make it glory,
Glory, I say, in infirmity,
For weakness breeds

Take the sorrow,
And make it worthwhile,
Make it, I say, worth your tears,
For sorrow breeds

Take all obstacles,
And make it pathetic,
Pathetic, I say, in your eyes,
For obstacles breed

Take every wound,
And make it your testimony,
Testify, I say, of your pain,
For wounds breed

Take your weakness,
And make it strength.
Take your sorrow,
And build experience.
Take your obstacles,
And learn confidence.
Take your wounds,
And extend sympathy.

Take life,

With every breaking of my soul,
I declare,
I will grow stronger.

With every damage done by hate,
I declare,
I will see another day.

With ever attack from the enemy’s hand,
I declare,
I will hand back more.

With every tear I cry,
I declare,
I will bring a soul to Christ.

With every sorrow that I bear,
I declare,
Satan will lose time.

With every arrow shot in my back,
I demand,


Take a moment, precious child,
Listen to the breeze.
It says:

See the mountains?
I made them glorious.

See the rivers?
They run smooth like satin.

See the forests?
Their diversity is exquisite.

See the plains?
I delight in gentle slopes.

See the oceans?
A wondrous playground.

See the deserts?
Their pride is majestic.

See the islands?
They define the word beauty.

See My creation?
Can you breathe in it’s scent?

It is amazing.
It is glorious.

It is…
My crown of glory.

And you are it’s crown jewel.

Come, take a breath, little angel,
Breath in, breath out, release your pain.
I know that life has been difficult.
I know the world twists your shame,
As though you are an unspeaking object,
To be thrown about, rejected, abused.
But I say you have worth, little angel.
I say you are special in this world.
I know that you do not believe that.
I know they have spoken lies to your soul.
But don’t worry about that.
Reject what they say.
You are worthy.
You are worth it.
You are loved.
It’s gonna be okay.

Come, take a breath, little angel,
Breath in, breath out, you’re redeemed.
Don’t let the devil say unspeakable things.
Close your ear to the envies of man.
You are beautiful, little angel.
Did you know that?
You are treasured, little angel.
Have they told you that?
There’s a Father who loves you.
A Savior who died for you.
A Spirit who desires to comfort you.
You are loved.
Did you know that?
You are loved by the King of creation.
You are loved by the Redeemer of man.
You are loved by me.
You are loved by God.
You must now learn,
To love yourself.

Come, take a breath, little angel,
Breath in, breath out, step forward.
It is time to dream again.

Love. The. Stranger.


So many people whom we’ve never seen,
That struggle with hurts and shattered dreams,
Remembering those without enough food to eat,
And praying for those who’ve lost faith in their King,
Not shooting dark looks at meth addicts and alcoholics,
Giving money – begged, stolen – to gangsters and drug dealers,
Everlasting soul stealers fueled from corruption loosed from Hell’s fire.

That is the stranger. Who are you?

Somebody broken by the bondage of the world,
Tender little sprout barely grown out of the ground,
Ransomed by the blood – perfect, holy, sacred – blood,
Anointed, and perfected, blessed blood of Jesus Christ,
Never to forget the long trek through desert wilderness,
Gathered – naked, trembling, beaten, weeping – into truth,
Everlasting, lovely truth of an everlasting, loving covenant,
Restored from the world, led from the desert, healed by love.

You are a stranger. Brought out of a stranger’s land. Told to love the stranger.

Love one another. Have patience with one another. Care for one another.


A sweet, little baby cries in a field,
Her legs wiggle, her arms waggle,
She is left alone…


But here comes a man,
And he sees her plight,
He draws her into gentle arms,
Cuddles her to the warmth of his chest.

Found. Kept. Raised.

With diamonds, silk, and adoration,
He blesses her as she grows,
In the day he broadens her horizons,
With lessons; language, art, history, equations,
And in the evening, he showers her with…

Clothed in beauty, arrayed in grace,
She grows renowned and famous,
Her countenance, bright and beautiful,
Attracts adoring crowds and suitors.

She giggles. She laughs. She flutters long eyelashes.

She commits to none. She fancies all.

And the man, seeing she is grown, lovely…
Of age for marriage, he betroths her to his son,
A good man, his son.,
Strong. Moral. Courageous.

But upon this commitment, she runs away,
She flees into the hands of awaiting lovers
They woo her, tease her, coax her.,
What’s so precious, she gives away.

Free, without price, commitment, conviction,
She gives herself away.

They say they love her,
She gives herself away.

They say she’s lovely,
She gives herself away.

They say she’s wanted,
She gives herself away.

To caressing touches, seductive deception,
…Roaming kisses…

She gives herself away.

But as time takes its toll,
The weariness sets in,
She grows tired of multiple lovers,
Her thoughts turn to another man,
A man of kindness, gentleness, affection,
The man who found her,
The man who raised her,
The man who clothed her in unconditional love.

Upon this man her thoughts did turn,
As they used her body, over and over,
Upon his son, her heart did warm,
As her life turned cold from touches too demanding.

And for every man who rose from her bed,
And left, again and again,
He stole a piece of her soul from her.

Until, finally, one wearisome morning,
She said no. No more. Enough. I’m finished,
The men objected, coaxed, pleaded,
She shook her head, gathered her belongings,
And walked toward the door,
Of her past life.

But as her hand touched the knob,
The men caught up to her.

They yelled, she argued. They pressed. She resisted,
And in the heat of their anger,
They tore away her silks,
Her sparkling gold,
Her ribbons,

They threw her out into the streets,
Naked as the day she was born,
All saw her shame,
All knew her iniquity,
All turned away.

Disgust written on each face.


She fell to her knees,
And wept.

There she stayed, again abandoned,
Again forsaken,

And there the son found her.
And like his father before him,
He took the cape from his shoulders,
And covered her nakedness,
He gathered her into arms,
Strong enough to carry her,
Home where she belonged.

For weeks she couldn’t meet his gaze,
For weeks she avoided honorable touch,
For weeks she drowned in her pain,
Buried in her shame.

But finally, one day,
The father and the son,
Called her to them,
The son requested her hand in marriage,
She rejected.

Her body was stained,
Her spirit…broken.

But the son gathered her into tender arms,
And assured her of a love, a perfect love,
A love that covered a multitude of transgression,
And he kissed her,
And the kiss was pure,
…and untainted.

And the love that covered her,
Also cleansed her,
And healed her soul.

And at the time appointed,
He became her husband,
And she, his wife.

A Multitude of Blessings by JOSHUA TIMOTHY MCDONALD

A life starts out small and needs others to survive
A precious life that feels what it is to be alive.
A beautiful blue-eyed girl, with a smile so wide
An imaginative mind, even then you couldn’t hide.
Growing into the fine woman you’ve become
Changing the lives of many, shaping the lives of some.
Coming into your life, I was still a little unsure
and unknowing of the wonder that would soon occur.
What a blessing you have been and how dear you have grown
What joy you have brought with the love that was shown.
I am so blessed that God has placed you here
To have you in my life, to have grown so dear.
Don’t rush through the days, remember what they’re for
That to earth God’s son was born, so you could know Him more.
Celebrate His birth as you also celebrate your life
and thank Him for you are an amazing mother, friend and wife.
The joy of seeing all the goodness you possess
and for all the love you allow me to express.
I love you so much, my blessed teacher and friend
My warmth and blessings the Christmas I send.



This poem BLESSED me!

Light glistening off pearlescent waters,
Sun and clouds pictures from a dream,
Seagulls diving to delight little children,
Angel Innocence, guarding her beloved,
Inspiring their joy, defending their peace.

Darkness roles in from the horizon,
The angel watches warily, almost fearfully,
Her children below still laugh and play,
Unaware of the danger to their guardian,
Closer and closer, thunder and lightning.

The storm moves over their land of pure,
Halting their play, disrupting their reverie,
Raining in Troubles, Striking foul Cruelties,
Fearful, scared, the little ones run, scattered,
Forsaking Innocence, their closest ally.

The angel fights on, aware of their betrayal,
Tense darkness bullies her cherished existence,
Lightning strikes, she falls, crumpled, near broken,
Her beloved watch, sorrowed, as she is taken,
The Trouble has come to wash her away.

Halt; hear cometh Compassion’s parents,
Crying out, shouting, with voices loud and clear,
Angel Innocence stays; is their angry protest,
Her time has not yet come, take her not away,
Be gone from us foul Storm of Heartbreak!

Flinching, recoiling, the darkness shies away,
Raining Trouble lightens, exhausted of supply,
Striking Cruelty hesitates, strength so pathetic,
Exult!  Shoulders lifted from Heartbreak’s fury,
Innocence arises, beating back what hasn’t fled.

At last, the sun is restored to full, glorious majesty,
The angel’s beloved return to kiss and embrace,
Compassion’s parents, then stiff, relax once more,
Asking only, will Innocence stay and again defend?
She answers, I protect as long as I am protected.

Oh mighty winds,
Call forth His name,
Declare unto the people,
That Jesus Christ is Lord!

Oh massive oceans,
Move forth His depth,
Declare unto the people,
That God’s glory never ends!

Oh gentle plains,
Show forth His serenity,
Declare unto the people,
The Holy Spirit’s gentleness!

Oh holy mountains,
Hold forth His dignity,
Declare unto the people,
The Majestic One we serve!

Oh glorious forests,
Spread forth His vision,
Declare unto the people,
The Maker’s originality!

Birds of the air—fly and soar.
Fish of the sea—splash and dive.
Creatures of the land—run and leap.

Lights of the heavens—twinkle and gleam.
Mysteries of the deep—hide and wink.
Wonders of the earth—reveal and retreat.

Oh proud and magnificent creation,
Don’t withhold your splendor,
But display and trumpet,
All praises and glory,
That testify of a…

Immeasurable Creator.