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When the ground trembles,
And fear grips our heart,
When the earth is troubled,
By tsunamis and earthquakes,

When the children cry,
And few are comforted,
When the women weep,
And nobody hears them,

When the debts pile up,
And the bills go unpaid,
When the IRS calls,
With those taxes we hate,

When disease eats our bones,
And sickness fills our souls,
When the stomach rejects food,
And the heart’s lost all tune,

When temptations beckon,
And weakness surrounds us,
When images and magazines,
Tell us what to believe,

When families break,
And marriages fail,
When youth run away,
To sell drugs in the streets,

When the past arises,
And binds us with chains,
When the future seems bleak,
With promises of pain,

When hope seems so frail,
And the Word, so pointless,
When dreams don’t avail,
And God seems so distanced,

Will we pray nonetheless,
Though life seems so broken?

Will we sing all God’s praise,
Even when He hasn’t spoken?

Will we dance to His name,
As tears streak our face?

Will we hold on to the promises,
When we don’t see manifestation?


We will stand on the Word.
We will worship the Lord.
We will pray by the Spirit

Because if one thing is truth,
If there’s one thing that’s real,
It’s that children of God,
Are never forsaken.


A precious One born far from home,
Beloved birth among humble treasures,
Long worshiped as the One foretold,
Prayed for Redeemer of faithful believers.

Gift surpassing all values known,
Squalling babe of tender sweetness,
Swaddled up warm where kings behold,
The tiny form of the sweet joy Jesus.

Beneath a star that marks his place,
Snuggled in a manger that serves as a bed,
Lies great magnificence and grace,
Come to turn white, stains old and red.

Hope renewed on His appearance,
Lamb of God, inheritor of the world,
Heir of all that’s good and righteous,
Swear allegiance to this kind, innocent pearl.

Some will follow to praise His name,
Walking his path and trying never to stray,
To claim a place past Heaven’s Gate,
Thanks to the newborn babe sent to pave our way.

When will this earth learn to heal?
When will the crying and anger,
Accept healing and soothing?
When will the darkness give way to the light?

We look around and see pain.
We look around and see anger.
We look around and see fighting.
We look around and see destruction.

We miss the sunlight,
Dancing off the golden rays,
Come to fight the shadows,
Of this life.

We miss the peace,
Knocking at the door,
Telling us, baby,
It’s going to be alright.

We miss the flowers,
Churning, growing, sprouting,
Bringing color after a rainy day,
Bringing life to an empty soul.

We miss the love,
A gentle breeze,
Blowing through our lives,
Touching and healing our needs.

Come on, my brothers and sisters!

Come on, and choose the sunlight,
Come on, and feel the peace,
Come on, and touch the flowers,
Come on, and bathe in true love.

God is reaching and calling,
He is yearning to relieve,
This weighing on our hearts,
This burning fire consuming our souls.

This pain is blinding,
These burdens are heavy,
This sorrow everlasting,
This toil unchanging.

God has strength for our burdens.
God has the salve for our pain.
God has the peace for our sorrow.
God has the love to cover everything.

If we can look beyond our trials and sorrow,
If we can look beyond the torment of our past,
If we can look beyond the darkness of this world,
We will find peace, love and joy in God’s hands.

Upturned faces,
Sorrowful eyes,
Seething mentions,
Unheard cries.

These are the calls of My people,
Surmounting the wails of heartbreak.

Raped prostitutes,
Broke gamblers,
Beaten spouses,
Rebellious children.

These are the forms that they come in:
Not knowing My path to better ways.

Can anyone hear the cry of My children?
Does anyone relate to their worries and pain?
Will my hands and my feet go and seek them?
Alas, they are busy with the busyness of days.

My eyes are filled with much weeping.
My heart sorrows; they’ve stopped dreaming.
Their hope, my great gospel, is preaching,
Under roofs where none of them are sleeping.

Go forth, my resurrected,
Speak encouraging words.

Go for, my redeemed,
Bring them back to me.

Go to the highways,
Scale out the byways,
Broken and wounded,
All bring!

I am ready,
For healing.

I am searching,
For the defeated.

I am seeking,
For the willing.

Go forth!
Hands and feet,
Bring them to me.

So that I may bring them into peace.

I am haunted by this darkness,
Shackled by sin’s destruction.

It wraps around my soul,
But I refuse to let it go.

It takes my peace,
Bars my retreat.

I’m scared,
and lost,


The wounds inside my heart;
Engraved by sin’s abrasion.

Chains of unforgiveness,
Cut off life’s circulation.

My spirit grows weak,
My body, polluted.

Pleading mercy,
Such hurting,


His forgiveness soothes my pain,
I regret turning such love away.

And now I see I’m blessed,
To be held in tenderness.

Melted with devotion,
I lose hesitation.

Falling in love,
With my,