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Dearest Abba,

I know the extent of your sweetness…in that it has no bounds. I know the height of your love…in that you died for thieves and murderers. I know the width of your righteousness…it is circular, without end. If there is one thing I know, I know the essence of your character…for it is love. And for that reason, you have my love in return.

Sweetest master, I pray for my church. I pray that we be strengthened in our relationship with you. I pray that we grow closer to you, and are humbled by you. We are struggling, Lord, to encourage passion in your sheep. The truth is, if anybody can light their spirits on fire, it is you, and only you. So I ask that you come as a thief in our night. Come as rain to our desert. Come as fire to our brush. Stir us up, Lord, shake us up, Lord, show us your might and power. Give us reason to care more than we do.

In Jesus name I pray,


Dearest Abba,

You are faithful and amazing. I glorify you. I honor you. I am stunned by your beauty, frozen in your grace. Amazin love. Glorious teacher. Devout lover. I would be lost without you, but because you are with me, I soar on wings extraordinary.

Dearest beloved, I am concerned for the hungry and the poor. I am concerned for those with no money to fill their bellies. Abba, I seek your miraculous provision in their lives. Give them homes, food, and drink. Give them love and understanding. Gather them beneath you wings and teach them your ways. Show them the love of a sweet Father. Touch lives with a passion for the less fortunate. Draw people to the streets with food and clothes to hand out. With grace and salvation to preach.

In Jesus name I pray,


With every breaking of my soul,
I declare,
I will grow stronger.

With every damage done by hate,
I declare,
I will see another day.

With ever attack from the enemy’s hand,
I declare,
I will hand back more.

With every tear I cry,
I declare,
I will bring a soul to Christ.

With every sorrow that I bear,
I declare,
Satan will lose time.

With every arrow shot in my back,
I demand,


Dearest Abba,

I have much to thank you for today but I will simply say that you have been amazingly faithful. I owe you every breath that I take. Every moment of happiness and peace – all gifts from you. Dearest lover of my soul, I have despised my existence, yet you take tender delight in me. I have run from your arms, yet you gather me with gentle mercy. I have ignored your commands – even your pleas – yet you still seek me attention. Amazing. You are simply too amazing for me to fathom, my wonderful king of kings.

Abba, I must say a special prayer for myself today. Please strengthen me, that my courage will not fail again. Please build me up, that I never shatter again. Please hold me, that I don’t walk in self-pity. Please break me if you must, that I be moldeable in your hands. Override me, should my desires get out of plan. Teach me, that I may learn your ways. And comfort me for the rest of my days.

Be my God. You have given me my life. You have sustained it from evil intentions. Now God, I give it back to you for your will and your purpose.

In Jesus name I pray,


Dearest Abba,

I just want to thank you today for your sacrifice. The heartache, the agony, the pain, the sorrow. You suffered and died. Rose again to new life. What you suffered was beyond anything I can comprehend. I would be wary to even try. You are amazing and I would be lost without your presence; eternally abandoned without your sacrifice. Thank you, my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so wonderful.

Abba, I would like to come before you and request that you open the naive eyes throughout the world. The eyes that see suffering and blame your perfect name. The eyes that live behind white picket fences and pay no mind to poor upon the streets. The eyes that walk into circumstances unsafe, yet expect to escape unscathed. The eyes that see creation’s glory but deny the existence of divine presence. The eyes that endure hardship and want unnecesarily if they would but accept your ways, and therefore your provision.

Help us, Lord, to see beyond what we desire to see. Open our eyes to what we need to see.

In Jesus name,


Dear Abba,

Thank you so much, my Lord, for all that you have done for me. When I was lost, you found me. When I was alone, you became my friend. When I was sad, you comforted me. When I was broken, you healed me. Oh blessed savior, because of your goodness, when I was glad, you danced with me. When I wept tears of joy, you wept with me. When I laughed, you smiled at me. How glorious you are, my God, my Lover, my friend. How glorious you are.

Abba, I would repent to you on behalf of your Body. We have sinned greviously in your eyes. We have grown complacent in your work. Oh beloved Father, our righteousness is ashes at your feet, but I appeal to you for forgiveness upon your people. We have judged and criticized each other in the naivety of our hearts. We have dwelled in things that are not to your glory, and quick to our downfall. We have said things to each other that we ought not to say. And we have placed ourselves on pedestals where we ought not to go. Forgive us, and clothe us again in garments white as snow.

May I make another appeal to you, oh mighty Creator? I ask that you send a fresh wind of your Spirit upon the Church. We have become bones and dirt in a cemetary of churches. We dance, but with no joy. We sing, but with no truth. And we speak, but with no power. Your Body is dying, my God and King, and I ask for your ressurection power upon your people. Breathe new life into our spirits. Breathe new joy into our souls. My Lord Jesus Christ, just as you were ressurrected on the third day, I ask that you ressurect the dead spirits among your people. Fan the fire of passion across the nations, and stir up the call unto repentence.

Oh Master, I would make a decree and declaration upon the land, as is my right as joint heir with Jesus Christ. I decree and declare, oh mighty God, that your people will dance again under the power of the Holy Ghost. I command a great wind of love to blow across the earth, to once again teach us the compassion of your ways. I speak to the spirits of every member within your Body and I say now, Sons and Daughters of the Almighty God, arise and be restored to your proper place as rulers of the earth. Take your place within the Body of Christ. I command every gift that has fallen to misuse to be stirred up again under the banner of love and faith. I command a fresh wind of spiritual power to spread throughout the nations, according to each person’s stewarded ability as decided by the Holy Spirit. And I declare that the last days of the church shall be greater and filled with doublefold power than the days of it’s beginning.

And I seal the words of this prayer and declaration with the spiritual signet of the Holy Spirit and empower it with the name of Jesus Christ.


Dear Abba,

My heart is in your hand, my Lord. And I thank you for your mercy. You are amazing, my God. For you are very mindful of man, though we are little in your eyes. We are tiny, Lord, when compared to your might. So thank you for your patience with us, and your love for us. We are not worthy, yet you still care about us. We are foreign to your holiness, yet you still adore us. So thank you, my Lord, for being so wonderful.

Father, I would like to bring our children before your eyes. There is so much going on in their world, and so much violence. Help them, oh Lord, to navigate the dangerous waters of this world, and give them wisdom with which to grow strong and yet stay pure. Keep them safe from the hands of the enemy. Keep them seperate from the tangles of the world. Love them, Abba, with your perfect kindness and keep them in your tender care. Draw them close to you, that they may know you. That they may love you.

In Jesus name I pray,


Dearest Abba,

I treasure you. Do you know that? You are my heart and soul. The foundation of my world. The center of my life. Wherever I turn, I need you to be there. Wherever I go, I need you to guide me. I am dependent on you. I desire your love and generosity. You are the fulfillment of my life and the core of my happiness. Glorious Father, I adore you.

My Lord, I come before you seeking favor upon your people. I know, oh Master, that we have neglected our salvation. We have failed to walk in your ways. In this day and age, our nation reaps the fruit of its foolishness, yet still desires your delivering hand. Father, I ask that when you look down upon us, that you do not see those who are luke-warm for you. That you ignore those who ignore your ways.

But you gaze upon those of us that do seek after your good pleasure. Those who do desire your favor. Those who do honor your commandments and statutes. In your anger over the rest, don’t forget about us. Please continue to rain your favor upon us, lest you forget your remnant and consume us all in your righteous wrath.

And as for those who neglect you, I have faith you, Majestic Father. I believe in your desire and power to bring them back into the bosom of your love. Don’t return just yet. Delay your coming. Give us and yourself more time to draw the lost to the cross of salvation. Your desire is that all be saved, my Lord. Remember that, Master, when you are ready to pour your bowls of anger. Remember your desire to breathe life back into the valley of dry bones. There is still work to be done.

And I have faith in your will and ability to make the impossible a reality before our very eyes. I have not given up on my home nation, my Lord, and though you grieve, and I know you have not given up either. I have faith in a third Great Revival where multitudes will flee to your sanctuary and the passion of salvation will again spread through the world one more time like wildfire.

In Jesus name I pray,


My dog struggles with a condition called collapsing trachea. It causes him to gasp for air like he’s choked on a bone or a chunk of food. In bad episodes, he will continue to choke for up to ten minutes. And a few nights ago, he started gasping. So I picked him up and prayed over him, pleading with God to heal him. Well, he kept choking.

I got frustrated, no lie. This may be a dog, but he’s my little friend. I’m very attached to him. I’m laying there, petting my dog, trying to comfort him while he chokes like he’s about to die. And I’m terrified that maybe not this time, but next time he’s going to choke, and choke, and not stop. What if he really does die from this condition? Collapsing trachea has killed dogs. I don’t want to lose mine.

And so I’m praying, and praying, and petting, and kissing, and he’s still choking. Poor thing’s miserable. I’m like, “God! Help, please!” And I start crying. My dog’s going to die and the Healer is ignoring me. Then I start getting mad. “God! You said ask and it will be given. You say nothing is impossible. You say pray. Well, God, I pray for healing, not just for my dog, but others too, and I might as well be talking to a brick wall. You ignore me! In the Bible you healed. For others, you’ve healed. But me? Why not for me?” (I’m half-hysterical, people.)

And my dog is still gasping for every breath. I’m still crying. Lord’s still ignoring.

Or is He?

In the midst of my tears, I hear Him say, “What are you so afraid of?”

And in my mind, I see my dog dying from this thing, leaving me alone and tumbling back into the despair of loneliness and depression from which God has used this dog to help pull me out of.

And God says, “Your dog is not going to die tonight.”

I’m so relieved I remember the need to breathe. Then I remember I’m supposed to be mad at my Abba Father. “You didn’t heal him,” I accuse. “You never heal people when I pray. How am I supposed to operate this gift if You don’t do Your part!”

God; “Fear hinders faith, daughter.”

My frustration sputters to an end like a car that’s run out of gas. All of the sudden I understand. Healing is activated by faith. If there is not faith, there is no healing. If I’m terrified my dog’s going to die, well, I’m not really operating in faith. I’m operating in fear. And therefore, I hinder God’s ability to heal through my faith.

And I’m immediately discouraged. “You might as well count me out of this healing business then, God. I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think I will ever fully conquer this fear thing.”

This is why I love God so much; He says, “With man, this is impossible. But with Me, all things are possible. Place your faith in Me and I will win your battle.”

My dog is still alive, in case you were wondering J

But I did learn a heavy lesson that night. I can’t expect healing if I’m terrified that it won’t happen. So if I am ever to operate in this area that God is calling me to, then I must overcome the spirit of fear that stalks me, waiting for an opportunity to cripple my faith. However, this cannot be done through my own strength. It must be done through God. He can make this happen in my life. He can transform me to where I am no longer hindered in this way. That is fully within God’s power and might. That I can believe without fear or worry.

And that is how I know that there will come a day when prayers of faith will be raised, and healing shall descend.

Eph 6:12 KJV “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Thus says the Lord,

“The world is turning quickly to chaos. Governments betray their people. Earthquakes shattering nations. The ocean overstepping its boundary in a flood of destruction. Riots are shaking cities. Mobs are destroying businesses. Children are killing children. Mothers are beating daughters. Sons are murdering mothers. Husbands are destroying the foundations of their marriage by committing adultery, and wives are doing the same. Children born out of wedlock. Youth having sex in grade school.

“And the people ask why. Why is this happening? Why have God not stopped it?

“Did I not warn you this would happen? Did I not say these things would come to pass? Don’t you know that such things must be so? That it must get worse before it can get better? But you have no faith.

“The enemy is like a roaring lion, bent on destruction, but my Word is a two-edged sword that will cut him in his tracks. And I have given it to you. So why do you not use it? Prayer is the mightiest weapon that will summon legions of battle-ready angels at a single beckon. So why are my people not praying? I have offered gifts of teachers, preachers, prophets…so why do the nations not listen?

“Shake your fist at me, prideful nations, but I will not be moved by your anger and fear. I have given you the tools to defeat the ruler of darkness – the one who is ravaging your world. And as you use those tools, I have sworn to stand with you, to fight with you, to gain victory for you. But this is the world of man. These are attacks against man. And therefore mankind must fight in the war. But if they don’t fight, can they be surprised at the battles they don’t win?”