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There once was a man, faithful to his king. He followed his God, whom he loved more than everything. But when the king – a man flawed but true – listened to his circle of counselors and fools, he sent forth an edict, restricting man’s worship. But his most faithful follower, Daniel, servant of Jehovah, refused to submit to man’s folly. He continued to pray three times a day, and opened his windows to not hide his God away.

But when the counselors and fools discovered his rebellion, they told the king, for they were devoured by envy. However, the king loved his servant. He regretted his edict, he regretted his actions. But what’s done, is done. Not even a king can overturn royal command. So Daniel met his fate in the mouth of the lions den. He was thrown in to die. He was thrown in to be torn to shreds.

All night long, the king tossed and turned. Would Daniel survive? What a horrible thing I have done, the king realized. Finally daylight glowed along the horizon. The king scrambled from bed, he had not slept a wink. He dressed. He skipped breakfast. He hurried to the lions den.

Daniel! Daniel! The king called. The king cried. Daniel! Daniel! Did you survive? Did your God keep you alive? Daniel! Daniel! Did my pride destroy your life?

Hah! Daniel yelled up. Did you doubt the great Jehovah? Hah! What are a few lions to His great might? He sent down an angel. They shut the lions mouth. I have slept soundly down here, in the midst of these lions. Their purpose was destruction but instead they kept me warm, cuddled up close, through the chill of the night. Throw down a rope. Haul me back up! I am not dead. I’m alive.

So the next time you find yourself thrown in the midst of teeth and claws, remember Daniel. They tossed him to the lions mercy , but he submitted to the glory of God. The result? He survived. He wasn’t even harmed, by one tooth or one claw.

That is the testimony of the ambassadors of Christ. We are sent as ministers to the world. Sent as sheep to the realm of wolves. But faith is our salvation from the world’s destruction.

Don’t be moved by fear or worry. For the same God who saved Daniel, will also save you.



The Word of God is filled with promises of shelter, peace, provision, and spiritual abundance. It is like being given an umbrella while standing in the rain.

We, as Christians, run into trouble when we forget that these promises were made in covenant agreement. Obedience for the promises. To disobey the commandments of the Word is to step out from underneath the umbrella. And then what happens? We get wet.