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Dear Abba,

Hello, my mighty King. I love you dearly. I hold you close to my heart. You are the center of my world, the Lover of my soul. I am constantly amazed by the many facets of your glory. You constantly amaze me with your goodness. I am humbled by your meekness. May your praises and glory constantly be in my mouth. May my life be constantly surrendered at your feet.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you open up the windows of Heaven and pour out spiritual blessings upon the Church. I just ask that you release the Fire of the Holy Ghost upon your people. Bring a fresh infilling of your anointing and power upon us for we have great need of you. Renew the desire of our hearts for a closer walk with you, Lord. Stir up the heat of our passion for your righteousness and glory. Send forth a harvest of spiritual gifting and cultivate the fruit of your love throughout our entire being.

In Jesus name I make this plea,

(If so willing, please say a prayer of agreement.)


Architect–one who designs buildings, bridges; designs the blueprint and supervises the construction.

God’s our architect. He has created us to be special, unique. We have a special set of finger prints—our own individuality. Within His design for our lives are the blueprints of peace and prosperity. Everything made by Him is good. And He knows His creation, He knows us, inside and out. He knows when we’re down and disturbed. He knows what to do in every situation. All that’s required is that we submit to the capable hands of the Architect.

And as our architect, He has the power to bring His blueprints to life. But we must understand the goal of the process—to be like the Lord. God wants to create the house of our lives to be a shining replica of His glory. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? God has designed us to reflect Him. And His hands are forever busy with bringing his blueprints to life.

The hand of God means many things. One, it means to take possession of something. We must understand, God becomes jealous of any other touch that interferes with His work. Think about it, do we really want to interfere with a possessive God? It also means to bring aide to. In His hands is everything we need to take care of the house He’s designing for us. When the electric bill can’t be paid, the money is in God’s hand. When bugs infest the walls, the repellant is in God’s hand. And finally, His hand means to do a work. The Almighty wants to do a double work—He wants to work in us so that He can work through us.

Additionally, we must also understand that as God’s hands are in our lives, they are busy working, but they are also spreading. And as God spreads His hands, He is spreading us. He’s enlarging our capability for anointing, enlarging our territory, enlarging our gifts. Unfortunately, sometimes this process hurts, but the work of divine hands produce only good.

However, His hands are the only hands that produce good. Many of us are having problems because we are not submitting to the mighty hand of God. We have our hands brushing His aside. We have the world’s hands infesting every room of our house. To top it off, we fail to surrender the work over to the contractor.

Contractor–one who executes the blueprints; does the work of the written plan.

Brothers and sisters, we can’t build our own house. Why? I’ll tell you a secret. It’s because we end up putting the refrigerator where the toilet belongs. We put in a tack where we need a nail. We put a window where we need a door. And instead of stairs we put a slide—so we have a fun ride down but no way back up. No. We need an outside contractor to work on our behalves and build the house perfectly, according to perfect specifications.

And the great thing is, we don’t have to pay this contractor, he volunteered for the job. We don’t have to feed him, because he’s never hungry. We don’t have offer nap breaks, because he never sleeps. He will build us a house that God doesn’t mind dwelling in. A house where every room is pleasing to the contractor.

And the best part? His name is Jesus—and he’s a trained carpenter.

(Article inspired by Apostle Jones’ sermon, The Divine Architect)