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Take a moment, precious child,
Listen to the breeze.
It says:

See the mountains?
I made them glorious.

See the rivers?
They run smooth like satin.

See the forests?
Their diversity is exquisite.

See the plains?
I delight in gentle slopes.

See the oceans?
A wondrous playground.

See the deserts?
Their pride is majestic.

See the islands?
They define the word beauty.

See My creation?
Can you breathe in it’s scent?

It is amazing.
It is glorious.

It is…
My crown of glory.

And you are it’s crown jewel.


Oh mighty winds,
Call forth His name,
Declare unto the people,
That Jesus Christ is Lord!

Oh massive oceans,
Move forth His depth,
Declare unto the people,
That God’s glory never ends!

Oh gentle plains,
Show forth His serenity,
Declare unto the people,
The Holy Spirit’s gentleness!

Oh holy mountains,
Hold forth His dignity,
Declare unto the people,
The Majestic One we serve!

Oh glorious forests,
Spread forth His vision,
Declare unto the people,
The Maker’s originality!

Birds of the air—fly and soar.
Fish of the sea—splash and dive.
Creatures of the land—run and leap.

Lights of the heavens—twinkle and gleam.
Mysteries of the deep—hide and wink.
Wonders of the earth—reveal and retreat.

Oh proud and magnificent creation,
Don’t withhold your splendor,
But display and trumpet,
All praises and glory,
That testify of a…

Immeasurable Creator.