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At the first gloomy cloud, Christ stood tall. At lightning’s vicious strike, He narrowed His eyes. And when the rain dared to pour, and the wind dared whip tendrils of hair across His face, did He cower? I’m insulted. Did He weep? Heaven forbid. Did He kneel, submitting to the weather’s power? Laughable. Not my Savior. Not my God. In confident knowledge of who He is, He spoke instead, and His words were simple; “Be still.” Did the storm argue? I think not. Did it resist His command? It didn’t dare. It submitted to the call of its Master, it flinched at the unwavering sound of His voice and obeyed His order. Thunder silenced. Rain stopped. The wind ceased to blow.

Christ was not bowed by a storm.

So. Why. Are. We?

Christ knew who He was. And with that knowledge came confidence in the power and authority at His beck and call. With that confidence came the faith to wield such power and receive results.

Do we know who we are?

If I were to survey ten Christians with this question, all ten (I pray) will answer, “I’m a child of God.” But at least half of us would blink at me in confusion if I were to ask, “What does that entail you to here on earth?” And they would say, “Um, access to God? Answered prayers…?” See, the blood of Jesus—we got the basic idea. Restored relationship with God? Check. Unmerited favor? Hallelujah! Delegated power and authority? I dare any demons to mess with me!

And of course, when said demons do, 95% of us go cryin’ to our mamas.

Ahem. Back up. There seems to be a disconnect between the results Jesus received when He faced down life struggles and the …how shall I put this?…lack of results we see today. Why?

A)    We don’t know who we serve.

We serve a ruler whose name is above all names. Who crushes the devil with the heel of His foot. Whose dominion and authority encompasses this world and the world to come. Who’s glory outshines and rules the heavens. In whose hand it is to give riches, honor, power and strength. Beloved, we are friends of God, servants to the Creator of the Universe, and children of the great King of kings. We are intimately acquainted with the One who stills storms, bows mountains, and makes giants tremble with a word. And all that power? All that authority? It’s ours to draw on with a simple uttered prayer.

B)    We don’t use our authority.

Beloved, we have been given dominion over all the earth. Check out Genesis 1:26 if that’s too questionable. Dominion is complete authority. The bible says creation waits for the children of God to manifest (Rom 8:19.) Amazing. All of creation is waiting for us to rise up and take our place as the sons of God and claim that authority that is ours by right and granted by the High King. So I speak into our lives right now. Son of God. Daughter of God. Awaken. Arise. Take your place as a ruler of creation. So next time the winds blow in life, command it be still. Next time the thunder rumbles, command it be silent. The next time the rain downpours, command it withhold itself. That is our right. That is our duty. That is our authority to wield. Just as Christ did and does.

C)    We don’t exercise delegated authority.

By Christ’s name, the Holy Spirit pours out power to rebuke and cast out, to heal infirmities, to ask and be given, to bind and to loose. Such power is delegated according to our righteousness, used according to our faith, and activated by the will of God. For who will give a man power over ten cities if he rebels against the laws of one village? To do such is folly and our God’s way is wisdom.

Therefore, I ask, with all that authority, what storm is not covered? Only those created by sin that we are unwilling to walk away from. Close the door on the sin, Beloved. Chain it shut, lock it up, and ask God to throw away the key. And once the key is gone, arise brothers and sisters. Take your place as a child of God. Speak to the morning and command it to bring a good day. Speak to the infirmity and command it be removed. And the devil? “The Lord rebuke you!” will set Him to flight. Because, beloved, the inheritance of God’s children is this; the storm bends knee to our authority. We don’t bow down to the storm.

(Inspired by Apostle Jones sermon – Experiencing Divine Empowerment)